Hillary Clinton’s Nazi Vision for the US Is a Recipe For Disaster

You have to be blind, an imbecile, drunk, high, or out to destroy the country to support the Nazi Party of America, which, by the way, masquerades as the Democrat Party. From day one of the DNC, we have witnessed this party praise lawless acts like illegal immigration and Hillary Clinton’s hiring Debbie Wasserman Shultz after she was forced to resign as Democrat chair, to having the mothers of thugs who have killed police speak at the convention.

Anything and everything opposing the United States as a sovereign constitutional nation could be found at the DNC. It is not surprising, since Hillary Clinton is the most lawless, corrupt, and devious individual in the world today. In reality, Hillary is a modern day mob boss who got where she is today by cheating, stealing, using manipulation and intimidation, and committing a few murders along the way.

From day one of the Primary elections, she cheated her way to victory in Iowa and continued her path of voter fraud and manipulation in almost every state to the very end.

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Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders at the DNC by paying him off and used threats of intimidation if he refused.

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The entire Clinton political platform embraces lawlessness and terrorism as seen at the DNC where the mothers of thugs who killed police were given speaking spots. The moment of silence given at the convention for slain Dallas police officers was interrupted by members of the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter.

Hillary Clinton’s recipe for disaster was laid out in her promise to speed up the process of allowing more than a million so called Muslim refugees into the country, as well as completely opening the southern border to as many illegal aliens as possible. All this  while promising the disarmament of US citizens.

Clinton’s plan for the country is to create as much dissent as possible between all races, bring in Muslims, and allow illegal aliens from south of the border to come in, knowing full well that the sheer numbers of both will create massive civil violence, since neither group will tolerate the other’s moral and civil values, not to mention that both groups absolutely hate the LBGT community and would not hesitate in killing them.

Hillary has no plan to improve the economy but rather plans to destroy what is left of it through insane environmental regulations for the fraudulent climate change scheme.

Clinton never really mentioned international terrorism, primarily because she and Obama are responsible for the creation of ISIS by supplying them with billions of dollars, billions in arms and equipment, military training, actual help on the battlefield by US military, and food and ammo drops. This has been happening since Benghazi, where both Hillary Clinton and President Obama were running weapons to Syrian terrorist groups opposed to the Assad government.

The Nazi vision of a New World Order is poised to fulfill its dream of world domination and suppression of freedom at home and abroad in the guise of globalism in their appointment of Hillary Clinton as the new Fuhrer, replacing Adolf Hitler after all these decades.

Donald Trump represents what has made the USA great for over 200 years of its existence and has much more support than his Nazi counterpart. The general election in November should be a landslide like never before seen in the US for Trump. However, we must know Hillary Clinton got to this point through stealing the entire primary. It is highly possible that she will steal the general election from Trump by voter fraud, manipulation of votes via tampering with electronic ballots, having dead people vote, allowing multiple votes from single individuals, not allowing picture ID requirements at the ballot box, and making it possible for millions of illegal aliens to vote.

This election will not be a fair one, and Trump would need more than twice the number of votes over Hillary to be able to overcome the massive fraud of the Nazi Clinton syndicate.

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