Hillary and Her Crybaby Supporters Inadvertently Make the Case for a Trump Presidency

If any case has to be made for a Donald Trump Presidential win, it is the demonstrators that are causing civil unrest and riots in many places now, as they have at Trump rallies since his campaign for President began. All of the people involved in orchestrating these acts of violence are the same today as those who were responsible for them in the early going post-general election. The big players are BLM and its splinter groups like Take Em Down NOLA. Funds for these groups and advertisements for demonstrators are funded by organizations like MoveOn.org, National Organization for Women, CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), a variety of illegal immigration groups such as MALDEF, LULAC, etc.; and of course, millions of dollars being donated to fund these hate groups by George Soros and none other than Hillary Clinton herself.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the results of the election is that Hillary Clinton seemed genuinely surprised she lost. I suspect she was, given that she used the same cheat methods of voter fraud and manipulation against Donald Trump as she did against Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primaries. She was banking on securing the big prizes of New York and California to put her over the top; what she did not see coming was that her losses were practically everywhere else in the middle.
Hillary Clinton losing was a surprise to her campaign, as well as the mainstream media. What is hilarious, is they did not see it coming, when in fact everyone should have known she was going to lose. All involved fooled themselves because information on the candidates was being propagandized to show Hillary winning in the polls and everywhere else while the exact opposite was true. The media even fooled themselves by believing in their false information and the Clinton campaign was stunned at her loss for believing the propaganda as well.

A candidate does not generate massive crowds numbering in the thousands at each rally, win every non biased poll by over 70%, win all Presidential debates with their opponent, and not win the election.

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Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, did not draw the massive crowds, win any non biased polls, win any Presidential debate, or really care enough to even campaign that much. She also came to the table with a massive number of skeletons in her closet from gun running in Fast and Furious, leaving 4 Americans to die in Benghazi while she ran weapons to what is now ISIS in Syria, as well as blatantly mishandling US government classified material.

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Hillary also has nothing she can speak of when it comes to success in being an elected official, as she was severely disliked as a Senator. Then, since we cannot include her running a criminal syndicate via the Clinton foundation, she cannot use that as a successful achievement either.

In reality, Hillary Clinton is the dirtiest, most corrupt individual to ever seek the office of President and should never have been allowed to do so in the first place. The high crimes and treason this woman has committed against the US would have had anyone else in prison awaiting execution if they did just a fraction of what Hillary has done.

The American people, who believe in the Constitution and traditional United States morals and values, have spoken and elected Donald J Trump to take their country back from what has been nothing more than a modern day Nazi Dictatorship under both Barack Obama and George W Bush.

If you believe the Clinton/Soros-inspired rioting is bad now, it would have been pale in comparison to the full blown Civil War that would have transpired after a Hillary win.

The brainwashed zombies – or, as I call them the “Crybaby Generation” – who are rioting, are not doing so because of Hillary Clinton’s loss, but at the loss of having a mother government dictate their every thought in daily life. Now these young people are going to have to wake up, think for themselves, and, dare I say, take responsibility for their own actions.

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