Hey Barry, It’s Time for a National Conversation on Islamic Violence

We now know, since 2007, the Somalis community in Minnesota is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for Islamic radicalization activities. We also know Muslim refugees—granted US citizenship—are traveling outside the United States to participate in Jihad, and our Justice Department does nothing. Perhaps our Attorney General, Eric Holder, much like “Fast and Furious” did not see that memo either.

Obama-dumb-stupid-550x300President Obama is not one to involve himself publicly in black on black crimes. He definitely blends into the background on anything resembling a black on white hate crime. The massacre of innocent men, women and children at a Mall in Kenya perpetrated by Al Qaeda affiliated Al Shabaab terrorists—one of countless global attacks on Christians—is becoming a daily event in our world. This is not one of those times that a President, even a Muslim President, can remain mute.

We are a nation comprised of many faiths. The majority of us are Christians. Fellow Christians all over the world have been raped, tortured, slaughtered and watched their churches and homes destroyed. Their countries have been left to be swallowed up by a deadly disease spreading from continent to continent, a disease festering in plain sight in many American communities.

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Islamic terrorist groups are busy recruiting martyrs in America for their religion of peace. Poorly vetted, new American citizens are slowly indoctrinated. It would seem that the White House does not share my concerns. Barrack Hussein Obama remains silent. His pacification of his boyhood faith has created an unfriendly climate for Christians all over the world and here at home.

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According to the Daily Beast article titled Al-Shabaab’s Jihadi Recruitment Drive in Minnesota:

Al-Shabaab’s recruitment drive [in Minnesota] has continued unabated.

The group’s message, perpetrated in mosques, through word-of-mouth, or via videos, is often a mix of religious propaganda laced with the promise of adventure. Many of the videos posted online show footage of combat and Al-Shabaab training camps, suggesting that joining up could be an escape for the young men, who are often unemployed or stuck in dead-end jobs. More than half of the young Somali-Americans in the Twin Cities are unemployed.

Islamic terror groups openly recruiting in the United States of America. I scoured the websites of the US Department of Justice, Department of State and the White House and did not find one press release, one official announcement or the remotest recognition of these activities. However, I found proud acknowledgments of efforts to secure global human rights for the LGBT community, equal rights for women, efforts to combat climate change and global arms control efforts.

The pictures we see from the Al-Shabaab martyrdom operation at a Kenyan Mall serve to give a glimpse of America’s future if these activities—Islamic activities—are allowed to continue in our nation. Al-Shabaab, an Al Qaeda affiliate, is operating inside the United States of America, and our President and his Administration are ignoring it. Will it take a Christmas season massacre in Maryland to wake these tolerance drones?

Islamic terrorists care nothing of a person’s heritage or skin color. They are an equal opportunity hunter. Their quarry is the infidel, the non-believer. Red, white, blue, and yes, black Christians are at the top of their hit list. So why is Obama so silent? Where is the White House vitriol?

Our government—the people you and I elect to protect our country—had better start kicking down doors and storm trooper sweeping these peaceful Muslim communities before American men, women and children fall victim, once again, to their neglect.

Islamic leaders all over America are forewarned. The President does not hold the keys to safety in America. An armed citizenry does. Now is the time for a national conversation on the anti-Christian hate speech emanating from the Islamic community. If we allow it to fester, it will be open season on our citizens. Moreover, that includes black teenage boys from Florida.

What do you think about that Barry?

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