Hate Crimes Legislation – Racial Identity Politics and the Institutional Racism of the Left

In 2009, Eric Holder went on record and testified before a Senate judiciary Committee. The testimony was shocking to say the least and could have very well changed the way that laws are enforced in our country. Eric Holder, on that 25th of June, proclaimed that the new hate crime legislation would not protect “white people” or “Christian ministers.” Generally speaking, a hate crime is defined as a targeted attack against an individual or groups based on characteristics such as race, religion, ethnicity and now even sexual orientation. Eric Holder, while being grilled by the committee maintained his position by stating that the new legislation was written to protect those that have historically been oppressed and targeted because of skin color or religious affiliation, giving African Americans and Jews as examples. When asked some simple question pertaining to how the laws would be enforced Mr. Holder stumbled over himself a bit as he struggled to justify his reasoning. One question posed to him involved a preacher being violently attacked by a homosexual militant because of the preacher’s sermon on homosexuality. While a crime such as this would certainly be motivated by hatred and focuses on religious beliefs as a motive, Holder refused to call that a “hate crime.” The reason for that is simple if you understand “white privilege” and “social justice” education.

Just as a reminder, “white privilege” education means your children are currently or will be taught that white men are the beneficiaries of a system that is biased towards and only benefits them. As a result, white men, knowingly or not are automatically contributing to the oppression of the minorities in the United States. This mentality is also the premise of multiculturalism. Social justice is just another nice sounding term that essentially means taking from those that earned and giving to those who haven’t. When you look at the heart of what this doctrine is actually saying is that only white people can be racist because we have the power of the institutions behind us to reinforce our discriminatory behavior, while minorities do not. Therefore, minorities cannot be racist; they cannot commit crimes based on racism. Wouldn’t protecting minorities with hate crime legislation that doesn’t apply to whites be an example of having an “institutional power” behind you?

Throughout the course of the past couple years, we have been witness to a shocking rise in racial violence. Through flash mob’s or the so called knockout game, blacks have been systematically targeting helpless white victims. Through “white privilege education” and “critical race theory” the left would have you believe that these incidents from years of systematic, institutional oppression in which the victims can no longer control themselves. They would argue that the violent actions of a few teenagers towards a helpless old man are justified due to the “historical oppression” their people have had to face. This is the premise of critical race theory. This is why these people are not prosecuted under hate crimes legislation, even though a white man, recently busted playing the knock out game, will be.

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You have to wonder if this theory does more to de-humanize the black population than it does offer an excuse for their behavior. The theory itself definitely excuses the behavior but at what cost? By justifying these crimes based on a dead history that we as Americans have done everything we can to rectify,(affirmative action, welfare programs, hate crime legislation) is the left actually telling society that blacks are less than human who are unable to live up to the consequences of their actions or deal with their anger in a different way? Being human means learning from our mistakes, and dealing with our emotional issues, and by doing so, we can expect to grow and become stronger people. Are the proponents of white privilege and critical race theory denying this opportunity to black Americans by making them believe they are still being victimized? You only have to look at the disastrous results of other left wing equality programs like affirmative action or the Great Society welfare programs to see what happens when liberals interfere. Today the vast majority of black families are fatherless and impoverished as a result of failed liberal promises. In an attempt to hide this failure the left ridicules all successful black Americans as being Uncle Tom’s or sellouts, while continuing to discredit white America for having a society based on institutional racism.

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Let me demonstrate this using another example. The left initially claimed that the Benghazi attacks of Sept. 11 2012 were the result of an offensive video and because the video was offensive to the Muslim culture we were supposed to accept their response to it. Really, what the left wants us to accept is that the Muslim culture is so immature and so sensitive that the only way they can respond to something offensive is through senseless violence? We are supposed to view them with compassion and understanding while the left justifies their actions because they were offended? Again, this attempt at reverse psychology, in my opinion, does more to harm the Muslim population by excusing their murderous attitudes than it does to make us feel sorry for them. This is the backwards world of liberalism we live in today.

The institutional racism that is built in our society is the responsibility of the left. Throughout history, it has been the democrats who have supported segregation and slavery while continuously voting against civil rights legislation. Today, they attempt to hide their history through racial identity politics, and the creation of a system where inequality is the new equality. By creating laws based on racial preferences, the left is telling minorities that they believe they are not as capable as white men and therefore need their programs in order to stand a chance in the racist United States of America. This does little but reinforce hatred while attempting to justify black on white violence. This also solidifies an existing entitlement mentality where there is no need to work as everything will be provided by the government. This backward thinking is destroying generations of families, and the left calls it compassion. ┬áIt is also setting a dangerous precedent where the definition of racism is radically changed. Through the lens of liberalism racism now means believing that blacks in America can achieve something without their help. The insistence that black American’s need these programs is evidence enough of the racist attitudes of the left, only by believing that blacks are not equal would they have the audacity to create such a system of racial preferences.

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