Hate Crimes: Government Mandated Mind-Reading

Can you read my mind?

Well, the federal government is now saying that it can read my mind – and your mind. And it is ready to punish you for your thoughts.

Does that sound like Nazi Germany to you? Me too.

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Recently, Representatives John Conyers of Michigan and Mark Kirk of Illinois introduced H. R. 1913 dealing with what they are calling "hate crimes." Now I was trained as an attorney at a law school here in Maryland in the 1970′s. During my whole student experience, I cannot recall ever hearing about something called a "hate crime."

Would you like to know why? Because there is no such thing in America.

Nazis had hate crimes. Other tyrannical and oppressive regimes throughout history – such as communist Russia — have sought to punish their subjects for thinking things that rulers didn't like. But not here — Not in America.

You see, in America, we don't have rulers – we have representatives. And we are not subjects, we are citizens – who grant authority to our representatives — but that authority is limited and enumerated – and it's spelled out in our Constitution. And we never gave government the authority to punish based on ones thoughts.

Constitutionally, government can punish you for what you do, but not for what you were thinking while you were doing it. And if I sat on a criminal jury, I don't know how I could ever vote to convict anyone of a hate crime since – there is no such thing.

Our founders made it clear that only God can judge what's in a person's mind and since government is not God, it can't rule over your thoughts, or mine.

Legally, there is no such thing as a hate crime.

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