Has Obama Inadvertently Brokered a Middle East Alliance

Back in 2013, the London’s Sunday Times reported that “Israel and Saudi Arabia were working together to bring down Iran’s nuclear activities.” Clearly, having a mutual interest in stopping the threat of a hegemonic and nuclear Iran has made the two unlikely allies.

In fact these enemies have aligned before, becoming foul weather allies (albeit indirectly) when necessary, always against a common foe. Today, it’s a likely nuclear Iran – in the 1960s the common enemy was Egypt under dictator Gamal Abdul Nasser during the Yemen Civil War (1962-1967). In 1964 the Saudis enlisted the help of Israel in flying weapons and supplies, code name Operation Leopard, to the royalist insurgent army in Yemen fighting against 70,000 Egyptian troops and the hegemony of Nasser.

Again the two countries found themselves aligned, this time in 1991, during the first Gulf war as Saddam Hussein lobbed Scud missiles into both countries.

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War does make for strange bedfellows. For that, some may call into question Benjamin Netanyahu‘s recent and prescient pronouncement that the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy, as hypocritical and just so much theater. But Israel and the Saudis have never become permanent or direct allies and the Israelis have not fought on behalf of the Saudis but only with her own national security interests in mind.

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In ’64 they flew supply missions independent of Saudi influence to halt the march of Egypt, for her own security, not that of the Saudis. The same can be said in 1991, as Israel was being directly attacked by Saddam Hussein.  

Unlike the U.S., Israel isn’t interested in bogus and political coalition building that may later bind them to their enemies. They are more than willing to engage a common adversary without entanglement with the very Arab nations they also know to be their enemies. They evidently understand better than we the potential pitfalls of such fool hardy policy.

And now that Obama is, for all intense and purposes, dragging the United States into aligning with Iran, it is the Sunni Saudis that are the most worried.

Over a year ago, FrontPage Mag reported that, although Israel is under constant attack by Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza—both supported by Iran—it’s Saudi Arabia who feels surrounded by “the Iranian supported Houthi rebellion in Yemen, a Shiite insurrection in Bahrain, the Shiite-led Iraqis and in Syria, by the direct intervention of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah.  In Lebanon, a proxy conflict is taking place between the Iran supported Shiite Hezbollah and the Sunni-Lebanese supported by the Saudis. Riyadh is particularly disturbed by Iran’s incitement of the Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia.”

So the Saudis have once again reached out to Israel for assistance.

In February, the Examiner reported “that the Saudis have come to a secret military alliance with the supposed much hated Israelis. In the meantime, many Middle East watchers are of the opinion that the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia consider Iran to be a much greater threat than any Jewish government that could ever come out of Jerusalem.”

“On Feb. 25, 2015, Israel’s Channel Two News is reporting that the Saudis have very quietly given the Israelis permission to fly over Saudi airspace in the event the Jerusalem government plans on wiping out Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. Citing a ‘knowledgeable’ European official in Brussels as stating ‘The Saudi authorities are completely coordinated with Israel on all matters related to Iran.'”

Too add to this, many experts have posited that if Iran goes nuclear, the Saudis will not be far behind. These experts may not actually be able to tell the future, but they are dead right on this prediction.

On November 6, 2013 BBC cited “multiple sources that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not only invested in Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal, but an anonymous NATO source tells the BBC’s Mark Urban that the Saudis now have Pakistani-manufactured nuclear weapons “sitting ready for delivery.” Oh Good.

After that it will be Jordan, then Egypt – then anyone else who can afford them, which is virtually every Middle Eastern nation. Then it’s an express train to Armageddon!

So, as Obama climbs under the covers with Iran, does he not know what we know? Has he simply not seen it on the TV news? Or does he know all of this, which better be likely, and he just thinks he is so smart, so compelling, and has such hubris that he can somehow prevent these events from their logical conclusion.   

I hope, by some miracle, we never have to find out.

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