Has America Become Another Empire?

Over the centuries, empires have come and gone. The Assyrian Empire, Ottoman Empire, and the British Empire were once great kingdoms, but all have fallen. In this paper, we will examine two empires—how they rose, became corrupt, and fell.

The Roman Empire, which extended from 27 B.C. to 476 A.D. is largely considered to be one of the most successful and famous empires in world history. At the height of the empire, Rome possessed land from Britain to Egypt to the Middle East.

What made Rome so great? Its government. In Rome, it was the duty of all men to spend their day in the marketplace talking politics. This was a democracy. However, the men needed to do their jobs, too, so they started sending other people to speak in their stead. Soon, there were a bunch of representatives in the marketplace. This was the republic. However, these representatives received their positions from their fathers instead of being elected by the people. Under this system of government, Rome prospered, and, eventually, extended its empire to encompass all of the known world. However, Julius Caesar, the man who began conquering other countries in earnest, decided he did not like ruling a country where he had to listen to representatives of the people, and set himself up as king. He prevented an uprising only by giving the Romans “free stuff.” Little did they know that this “free stuff” was coming out of their own pockets. After this, a line of kings further corrupted the empire, and, while it initially grew, it eventually shrunk severely in size. Finally, Rome was split in two by a civil war and conquered by the Huns. We could look at many other empires, but they would all show us the same thing: empires are destined to fall. Sometimes they become too big, other times uprisings overthrow the empire, and sometimes it is overtaken by another power.

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The other empire we will look at is our own beloved U.S.A. You are probably thinking,” Wait, we aren’t an empire!” But I disagree.

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Let us start at the beginning. Our government was set up as a republic. Our representatives, unlike those of the Roman government, were elected by the people for a limited amount of time. We even had a constitution to further limit representative’s power. It was the first time anything like this had ever been done, and it worked wonderfully. For a while, that is. Soon, leaders came along who wanted more power. They began to undermine the constitution, throw us into unnecessary wars, and pass unconstitutional laws. Soon, they had even started teaching children their lies by sticking the government’s fingers into education. Taxes steadily rose, and the U.S. began to establish military bases in other countries. We also acquired several small nations in the pacific, but these were insignificant in comparison with what was being done elsewhere. Before anyone knew it, we had 140 countries under our thumb. How have we done this? Through military bases. If those nations do anything we don’t like, then we send troops into their country. In addition, wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rest of the Middle East are really to acquire the vast stores of oil there. After all, everyone knows that if you control the oil, you control the world. Indeed, we have become an empire. Whatever happened to only fighting when directly attacked? However, one question remains: how will we fall? Will we become too big? Or be overthrown from within? Maybe, but not likely. Although the U.S. was once great, we are falling. Slowly, yes, but steadily. There is a new world power forming that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and over one hundred other countries. I believe our end is coming. The BRICS nations are rising, and a new empire has begun.


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