Gun Owners Of Georgia Oppose Gun Control By Offering Free AR-15

In an effort to oppose new gun control legislation, a gun shop and a pro-Second Amendment group in Georgia have teamed up to offer a brand new AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, courtesy of Armistead Arms. The goal is "to alert, activate and mobilize gun owners in every corner of the state to oppose the Feinstein Gun Ban and others being touted in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere across the country.”


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In 2012 HB 679 was put forth which sought to change certain laws regarding the carrying of firearms and not having to have a permit to do so. It was known as the "Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2012."

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Georgia Gun Owners are wanting citizens to sign their petition to restore Constitutional Carry in Georgia.

According to WTVM,

One Georgia lawmaker is keeping good on his promise to pre-file a bill proposing to concealed weapons without a permit.

The news making some noise in the Savannah community.

300,000 people have gun permits in Georgia. The counties generate revenue from the permit sales. Police organizations, including Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department, think permits help keep criminals away from guns.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Chief Willie Lovett disagrees saying, "I could care less about how difficult they make it to get guns. I am totally opposed to it. I'm just not an advocate for making things easier for criminals."

He also says that eliminating weapons permits puts his officers in harm's way. "To confront someone who shouldn't have a weapon at all, yet, not know if they have a permit for that weapon puts us in a bad situation," Lovett said.

In other words Police Chief Lovett doesn't adhere to the Second Amendment. Actually, when they confront anyone they don't know if they have a permit or a weapon. So his argument is bogus.

Joe Skull, a concealed carry permit holder in George makes the point, "Criminals don't need a permit to carry a gun, why should law abiding citizens."

Lovett said, "You want to make it easier to sell guns. That's not the business I am in."

Correct Sir. You are not in the business of gun selling at all. You are in the business of enforcing the law, not gun sales, and if the Second Amendment doesn't require all the stuff you are fraudulently citing as putting your officers in harm's way, then they should not be in place. In fact, your officers are in harm's way no matter what the law is because criminals don't care about the law!

Not only is the Georgia group opposed to the Feinstein assault weapons ban bill, but they are openly encouraging member to support the Georgia bill that would allow gun owners to have a concealed weapon without a permit. They are not doing this in order to put police officers in harm's way, but rather to advocate for law abiding citizens to maintain their own liberty.

According to their website, Georgia Gun Owners are:

Georgia Gun Owners is the ONLY no-compromise, no-sell out grassroots gun organization in the State of Georgia.

We do not believe in, for example, trading one right in exchange for two other rights just to achieve some sort of partial liberty. We believe in 100% firearms liberty for individuals in the state of Georgia.

For far too long, establishment, statist, access-based gun lobbying organizations here in Georgia and across the country have sold out gun owners and liberty lovers for political expediency and personal gain.

Additionally, The Georgia Gun Owners sent an email to all of their members and lawmakers urging them to support the bill. Meanwhile, Georgians for Gun Safety made similar efforts to block the bill from being passed.

The bill also includes allowing someone to carry a knife, more than 5 inches long and not visible, without a permit.

Show some support and enter for a chance to win the AR-15!

Additionally, a Pittsburgh gun shop owner is conducting monthly drawings for an AR-15 and 1000 rounds of ammunition to protest the Obama adminstration and gun control legislation.

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