Greece Takes Another Step Toward Martial Law with Arrests of Golden Dawn Leaders

Democracy: Now you see it and now you don’t!

Something is happening in Greece and global elitists don’t like it so they are up to their regular shenanigans that deprive people of their rights and due process. No worries though. It’s all in the name of routing evil. Okay, whatever. Let’s ask Golden Dawn leaders though.

"I won't go and you can't make me!"
“I won’t go and you can’t make me!”
Apparently, the Golden Dawn political group in Greece is now seen as a Neo-Nazi group so police have begun arresting their leaders and are essentially doing their level best to shut down the political party because of it. The authorities have gone so far as to charge leaders as being part of a “criminal organization.” This party is an extreme right-wing party in Greece so elitists don’t like that. To make matters worse, “a Greek ‘Gangster Rapper’ singer known as ‘P Killa’ was stabbed to death. The suspected killer had Golden Dawn campaign materials at his house. The murder is being used to as an excuse to try to outlaw a major political party.”

I’m sorry, but this is too hilarious to be true. A Greek gangster rapper was found to have Golden Dawn campaign materials in his home when police found his body? Wow, how convenient. Beyond this, the individual accused of killing P Killa is said to be “George Roupakias, 45, an avowed supporter of Golden Dawn.”

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You know, every time there is a mass shooting here in America, the news immediately goes to their default position of trying to prove that the gunman was a “right-winger” who was crazy. It usually turns out that the shooter is a left-winger and crazy, but the same news bureaus never follow up on that once the truth comes to light.

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Of course, to make matters even more unfair, “Left-wing, Marxist Greek parties are notoriously violent and have been engaged in criminal street violence for years. In 2008, tens of thousands of left-wing thugs rioted for three weeks and caused massive destruction and violence in Greece. The left-wing parties are never called to account for their violent members and supporters.”

We’ve experienced that here in the United States as well with the differences in the way Occupy protestors were treated and even referenced, as compared to the Tea Party. The former was frequently seen as protesting capitalism and cronyism, and was largely funded by George Soros (among others). The Tea Party is frequently seen as anti-government, racist, and more. In spite of their best efforts, those on the left simply cannot make these charges stick. The Tea Party is opposed to unchecked government growth and spending. But what do facts matter to those on the left?

Could it be that the global elite has the same problem with the Golden Dawn political party in Greece that it does with the Tea Party in America? I mean, after all, groups like these make it very difficult to dismantle a sovereign nation, doesn’t it? That just gets the Global Elite’s underwear all bunched up, and we all know how that feels.

In reality, the problem may well be that, like the Tea Party, Golden Dawn has experienced some major growth in a very short amount of time. “Police have detained about 30 members of the ultra-right party, which won 18 seats in the Greek parliament in the June 2012 elections, having received close to 7 percent of the popular vote.”

Of course, part of the problem is that an investigation showed that some of the police in Greece had been involved in training individuals in the para-military wing of Golden Dawn. The Tea Party has no such beast.

What people are afraid to talk about is the fact that Greece is heavily Socialist, and it is desperately running out of money to the point that the EU has had to bail them out, twice. People are upset and they want change. Well, they’re getting it, but of course, if things continue as they are, we can expect full martial law there soon.

Makes you wonder how long we have before martial law kicks in for America. I actually heard a progressive the other day state that America’s deficit is nearly gone because sequestration has worked. The person making the claim was not a national figure. He is employed by a leftist company and he thoroughly believes what he told me. This guy has more than his head buried deeply in the sand. This man is a very intelligent man too, yet, he is blind to the realities that plague the USA.

Oh well, time will reveal all things. Wait for it…

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