Grassroots Effort Seeks To Encourage Pro-Second Amendment Malls

A grassroots effort in Tennessee desires to change the minds of the management of the Cool Springs Galleria Mall in Franklin, Tennessee to be more gun friendly. The effort is encouraging management to remove their “Gun Free Zones” signs, which only invite criminals into an area where they can be assured no one will carry their weapons.

Nate Piccone and Jayme Braun began work on the project, utilizing Facebook to encourage support. Their Facebook page, Say No To Gun Bans, has garnered 2,413 likes since February 5, 2013.

Braun said that they were not attempting to shut down the Galleria or respond violently. “I actually like shopping there,” he told Freedom Outpost. The goal is simply to make management aware that there is nothing to fear from law abiding citizens that simply want to be able to protect themselves and potentially anyone in the mall from a criminal intent on murder.

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The two began a petition to have Galleria manager David Meadows remove all posted signs on all properties. So far the petition has the support of 2,568 people.

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Braun writes in the petition, ” With the attention of current events escalating in the US and covered relentlessly by the main stream media, it has never been more important to be able to protect ourselves from those that mean to do us harm. By taking even a brief look at the current statistics available to us today, we can easily determine one glaring observation. It cannot be ignored that where gun bans exist, higher crime events and acts of violence, including those associated with guns, exist with greater occurrence.”

“Contrary to the mainstream media’s propaganda,” he continued, “statistics show that where people are allowed to own, carry and defend themselves, the crime rates are lower and gun violence is lower, still.”

“Emotions are high, and for good reason. However, facts and statistics do not lie,” Braun writes. “Criminals do not pay attention to any laws, much less gun control laws. Taking away responsible civillian’s (sic) rights to carry a firearm, leaves only the criminals with guns.”

Criminals purposefully target locations that are free of all guns, aside from their own. And for obvious reasons.

An email that has been prepared, which will be sent on behalf of supporters to David Meadows, along with a substantial number of CBL & Associates Properties, LLC officers, reads:

Please remove the posted weapons signs from all Tennessee area Malls owned by and/or under your immediate management control. Until these signs are removed, I will not shop at your facilities, and will take my business elsewhere. With your current gun ban, you are refusing your patrons the ability to protect themselves at all times. Continued safety on your property is something no business can afford it’s customers. Please- let us protect ourselves and our loved ones while shopping at your locations. You are fully and lawfully able to restrict personal firearms on your premises, and we do recognize that. However,your ban on my own personal protection does not coincide with the 2nd Amendment. I consider your mall unsafe for myself and my family. Until you address this issue and remove your firearms ban on the premises, I will continue to shop only at locations where I feel safe.

I wrote shortly after the Aurora shooting took place that victims should be able to hold the theater responsible, since it was their decision not to allow law abiding citizens to carry their weapons in with them. I think the same should be true of the Galleria malls and any other public location. They are within their rights to determine the rules of what takes place on their property. However, in squashing law abiding citizens’ rights to bear their arms legally while out in public, they then assume the responsibility of protecting those individuals and we all know how well mall security can do that, don’t we?

It seems citizens are willing to protest with their pocketbooks and purchase from stores that recognize their duty and right to carry their firearms for protection rather than patronize establishments that wish to make them unarmed targets against criminals. I applaud their efforts.

Numerous calls and messages to David Meadows have not been returned.

Contact Information for Mr. Meadows office is below:

David Meadows, SCSM
General Manager
CoolSprings Galleria

Phone 615-771-4221
Fax 615-771-2127

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