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I was thinking today about the debt ceiling issue. How and where to cut government spending is a topic of great interest. Pundits and politicians are throwing out there several ideas, most of which involve entitlements and defense.

First, I would take defense off the table, except for the basic methods of cutting waste. Defense is one of the few legitimate duties of the federal government, so cutting it to the bone, especially in the era of terrorism in which we live, is just dumber than dumb.

Entitlements will have to be reformed, no doubt. And if you look at the debt clock, the liabilities for entitlements will pop your eyes right out of your head.

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When you assess your fiscal budget, what are the items you first choose to cut? Usually, if you are reasonable, you go after the superfluous. You are not going to cut your basic necessities. You are going to cut out the entertainment, the frills, the extravagances in which you allow yourself to indulge.

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Nationally, there is a spending issue, a huge one, that no one is even remotely focused on, that being federal grants. Grants are government sanctioned subsidies for the politically favored. Grants from non-profits or directly from the government are approved and implemented by people who have an agenda. Usually that agenda has nothing to do with mainstream Americans, but mainstream Americans end up paying for it. These are unnecessary frills and extravagances in areas government has no legitimate place. What would those be? Let’s try Anti-American propaganda for starters.

What you don’t know is that grant money is going to organizations which are deliberately undermining America. Propaganda is a big part of the picture. Read below:

Big Hollywood reported that George Soros and our federal government are funneling our own money into the Sundance Film Festival to promote movies that denegrate America’s conservatives and Constitution.

“Soros is also bankrolling a documentary that celebrates left-wing terrorists who plotted to napalm Republicans at the 2008 GOP convention in Minnesota. Even worse, you too are bankrolling the film through your taxes.”

“HBO gave a grant to the filmmakers to produce their pro-terrorist propaganda. So did the Soros-funded Sundance Institute. After Soros’s foundation, the Open Society Institute (OSI), gave Sundance’s Documentary Film Program $4.6 million in 2002, it gave the institute another $5 million in 2009.”

“Taxpayers also underwrite Sundance’s adventures in social justice indoctrination. According to nonprofit tax returns (known as IRS Form 990s), the Sundance Institute has taken in $11,240,081 in government grants since 1997. It is unclear which governments made the grants because the 990 forms lump all the grant-making governments together.”

“The federal government has given $1,350,000 to the institute since 2000, according to All but $5,000 of the money was from the National Endowment for the Arts. (The $5,000 grant was from the State Department.) It’s not clear if the $1,350,000 is part of the $11 million-plus figure for all government grants.”

When HBO gives grant money for the arts, that money is a tax deductible contribution coming off the bottom line for HBO.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. That one instance, which involves political distortions and propaganda, does not begin to address the multitudes of grants for art shows devoted to the “green” environmentalist industry. I can’t possibly devote enough research and words to the federal money going into Climate Change and the propaganda attached to it. It’s so huge and convoluted that I’ve chosen not to drive myself mad trying to locate the millions of tentacles. Suffice it to say you can google “environmental grants” and watch 26,400,000 referenced sites come up before your very eyes.

Just one small bit of that on the basis of “environmental justice” is described below:

“A few months after launching a multi million-dollar campaign to help minorities get green, the Obama Administration is dedicating an additional $7 million to study how pollution, stress and social factors affect “poor and underserved communities.”

On the subject of Climate Change / Global Warming, I’ve said it before and I will say it again; RICO charges need to be brought against those using lies and fraud to extort money from the taxpayers. In that statement, I include those in our government who are perpetrating lies in order to solidify power against our freedoms. But I digress.

The money being spent on grants from the federal government is borrowed money which the taxpayers are not only having to pay back the principal amount, but .40 cents on the dollar in interest. This is the larger picture. If you want to say earmarks are hardly noticeable in the big scheme of things, fine. But I am not talking about earmarks here. I am talking about government largesse directed to various voting blocs for the sake of putting the rest of us in debtors prison for the rest of our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. If you want to talk about national security, imagine how insecure our nation is by virtue of crushing debt to other nations.

An interesting aspect of grants is that grants are composed of money from one person paid to another person who may have a completely diametrically opposed need. For instance, locally, federal stimulus tax money is being taken from one business owner to pay a grant to another competing business owner. In this case, let’s say you are successful tax paying restaurant owner, but your tax money is going to subsidize another competing restaurant owner. Why? Usually the subterfuge is on the basis of downtown development or propping up some historic district, or even possibly a “green” initiative or “social justice.”

We can lower the debt ceiling really fast by getting rid of federal grants. Wealth redistribution is a tool of Socialists and Fascists. Grants are wealth redistribution.

Examples :
You paid for a National Endowment for the Humanities Conference used to teach revisionist history of American principles and events.

USA TODAY reported:

Deadlines loom for stimulus’ green grants
“Imagine billions of federal dollars at your fingertips if you can just come up with a plan to go green.

States and cities across the nation are scrambling to meet a series of deadlines to tap into economic stimulus money available for energy-saving programs.

A looming deadline: June 25, when local governments apply for a share of the $3.2 billion in block grants for energy efficiency and conservation.

“It’s coming up quickly,” says Cathy Polasky, Minneapolis director of economic development.

More deadlines will follow for a slew of programs, including:

• At least $500 million for green jobs training.

• $9.75 billion to renovate schools.

• $5 billion to weatherize low-income homes.

• $300 million to replace old appliances with “Energy Star” products.”

Below are some teasers you can find to access stolen money from taxpayers to prop yourself up.

If our politicians are serious about fiscal restraint and getting this country back on its feet without this albatross of debt, they will get rid of federal grants.

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