Government Subsidized Internet Providers’ Assault on Free Speech

This article could be the last I write that anyone on the internet will publish. Imagine that you will never be able to pursue your career or earn a living because you offended the delicate sensibilities of the wrong person. By offended, I mean, you were critical or less than flattering of this persons political, social, moral or ideological beliefs. Look around conservative Americans because the thought police on the left, and the right, are openly threatening your financial future if you refute their propaganda.

Recently, notable members of Sports broadcasting were disciplined, and yes, fired for supporting God’s definition of marriage. All across America, advocates for conservatism are under attack. Writers and websites who expose the truth about the government, industry, and subversive influences plaguing our nation are being dropped, and blackballed from internet advertising sites for what is categorized as hate speech.

Internet-AdvertisingMany content policy guidelines for internet advertising define hate speech as “advocating against groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.”

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Internet ad programs are the lifeblood of internet websites, bloggers and independent journalists. All publications depend on advertising revenue to cover operating costs and pay salaries.

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The penalty for violating an internet service provider’s content policy is absolute. No lawsuit, no trial, no speedy appeal. They simply take away, permanently, an individuals and websites ability to use available advertising mechanisms to generate income if they determine your work violates company ad policy. In other words, the gods of the internet— who all receive massive subsidies in the form of government contracts—are acting as a national censorship board for America’s and the world’s powerbrokers. Violate their directives and you are purged.

You will not hear or read much about the victims of these hate speech policy hawks. Conservative free speech infringement is a discouraged topic in the media. Given the vague definitions and arbitrary enforcement decisions, I cannot say I blame people for protecting their livelihoods from targeted elimination and industry excommunication. In America, you have the right to be a spineless coward if you are protecting your own rear end.

Recently, a friend of mine, a patriot, editor/writer, and an outspoken critic of anti-American propaganda merchants was dropped by a well-known internet ad program. This man is the sole breadwinner for a wife and five young daughters. In the blink of an eye, his income and his future opportunities were revoked by a publicly traded company tied to very powerful political forces. His crime? Exercising his free speech right to warn America about Islam, the homosexual agenda, traitorous politicians and the social decay they inflict on our communities. Alternatively, what they now call “HATE SPEECH.”

The average American is next. When they get finished with us, they are coming for you.

The government has slowly and relentlessly built a publicly funded, but privately operated, free speech surveillance and censorship army. If you’re moral or ideological positions contradict or rebel against government efforts to re-educate America. You too could find yourself unemployed and ostracized one day.

Ongoing attempts by the Democrat Party establishment, with support from Republican traitors, reveal the next step designed to silence political dissent and control American thought: Legally defining a journalist. In other words, legislating a protected and easily manipulated place at government’s free speech buffet for those who do not buck our self-anointed Kings and Queens.

Our government and the internet information aggregators—“we the people” have financed and subsidized— send out pink slips to their ideological enemies’ every day. “You can’t say that” has now become “we will ruin you, if you say or print that.”

A government controlled monopoly on proper thought prowls and mines our world’s most powerful information gathering apparatus. Failure to comply, failure to play nice and acquiesce to tolerance, and you WILL be silenced and thrown into the street.

It is happening every day.

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