Government Shutdown Didn’t Keep Obamacare from Being Rolled Out

As I awoke yesterday, I wondered what horrors were to befall me because of the federal government shut down. And yet, the sun rose in the sky, the birds sang and no atom bombs rained down on the country. According to President Obama and other Democrats, it was supposed to be the end of the world. I went to the Veterans Hospital for an appointment and lo and behold, the doors were open and everyone was at work, later the mailman came and delivered the mail. I thought, this is strange, why are these government employees working? I saw police cars, ambulance drivers and firemen, all on the job. But I thought we would experience a catastrophe greater than any that had happened in my lifetime.

House Republicans did everything possible to insure that our government would be funded, except Obamacare. Between Harry Reid and President Obama they did everything to prevent any possible bill that was not 100% their way. They didn’t give an inch and I am happy to say that neither did the Congress! But where does that leave the American people? The Wall Street Journal reports that the exchange software, for which the government has spent upwards of $88 million, still can’t correctly calculate the amount of subsidies that an individual applicant is eligible for. The Center for Medicare Services at the Dept. of Health and Human Services has reserved at least $12 million in airtime starting Sept. 30 in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana and Michigan. So far that is a hundred million dollars without one single person being seen by a Doctor or even being given so much as an aspirin tablet.

Here is the Patient Protection Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare and you may read it for yourself.

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I know it’s asking a lot of you, but you may want to “read the bill” since it will have a direct impact on your life (and pocket book). It simply amazes me that not one single member of Congress or the Senate bothered to read this bill before passing it. I never, ever sign anything without reading what I am expected to put my signature on. But we’re taking about Democrat politicians here folks, NOT rocket scientists (or janitors for that matter).

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Yesterday, enrollment in the Obamacare exchanges began, with the federal and most state exchange sites unveiling their “Get Started” buttons. However, widespread technical glitches plagued the exchanges. Really, the government has had 3 years to prepare for this and excuse me while I laugh, but this is typical Obama administration ineptitude at its finest! Did anyone really expect anything even resembling professionalism coming out of the White House? Everything this administration touches or does, is something akin to the Keystone Cops.

But getting back to the “Shut-down”, the world did not end, now where o where have I heard this kind of doomsday hype before? Oh yes, the Sequester, remember that? Planes were supposed to fall from the sky, police and firefighters were going to be laid-off, remember that? It turned out to be just lies and hype.  And just like I predicted with the “Syrian Crisis” it just simply, slowly just faded away.

And this too shall pass with the government shutdown. It seems that Obama really, really, wanted another “crisis” to blame on Republicans, but at this stage of the game Mr. President, we’re just not buying anymore BS from you. Hey, by the way, are those White House tours still canceled?

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