GOP Savior-According to Time Magazine

Time Magazine has named their idea of the savior for the Republican (GOP) party.

Who made the cut?

Marco Rubio.

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At least Rubio showed a bit of humility and responded with a Tweet that said:

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There is only one savior, and it is not me.

Any Conservative who gives any credit to Time Magazine for being able to understand, or even identify, true Conservatism or what/who it is that the GOP needs in order to succeed,  needs a reality check.

rubioThe truth is, there is quite the evidence regarding whether Rubio can even be a Presidential Candidate, and, he just recently sided with Obama's socialist "immigration policy", ie:  no policy to deal with illegals in a lawful and Constitutional border protective way at all.

Given that illegal aliens pose a huge security and economic crisis to our nation, anyone who doesn't support cracking down on our illegal alien issue, is no "political savior" for the nation, or the GOP.

Time would sure love to press forward with a rallying around someone like Rubio to again fragment the Republican party.

Time is missing the big picture, perhaps on purpose.  Republicans are fragmented over wanting a return to secure borders, 2nd Amendment Rights, Fiscal and Social Conservatism; and the rally cry for loyalty even to RINO's who look just like their Democrat counterparts.

There is plenty of room in the Democratic party for middle-of-the-road.  Middle-of-the-road is what has been the downfall of the GOP.  "Bridging the gap", "bi-partisan" or "reaching across the aisle", are generally only code words for "abandoning principle, conviction, fiscal restraint, the Constitution and morality".

The GOP needs to return to the core values that the GOP has stood for.   Unfortunately, large amounts of folks still vote party lines, unaware of the truth that the Cloward and Piven strategy is alive and well in the Democratic party of Socialists, and has also been largely successful by way of using the useful idiots of RINO's to do their bidding.

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