According to an AP story, Senate Minority Leader mitch McConnell claims that the odds are against repealing Barack Obama's health care tax law.

"If you thought it was a good idea for the federal government to go in this direction, I'd say the odds are still on your side," McConnell told workers at Hardin Memorial Hospital, "because it's a lot harder to undo something than it is to stop it in the first place."

Because of the claim that Obamacare is really Obamatax and falls under Congress' authority to tax, McConnell says that portion of the law can easily be rolled back with a simple majority vote.

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That is some good news from McConnell. The second is the fact that he is willing to call it a tax, something that a certain GOP presumptive nominee candidate has not done.

When asked to state the difference between a state's prerogative and that of the federal government to deal in this matter, McConnell said, "A state can do it legally. There's no question that a state can do this legally if they choose to. The question before the court was whether the federal government could. And, they actually said you couldn't under the Commerce Clause, but you could with tax power."

Senator Rand Paul also spoke about concern he has that Congress, has in effect, been granted greater taxing authority. "I think it's an important battle still that goes on whether or not Congress is limited by certain proscriptions within the constitution," Paul lamented. "And I think this gets away from that. And, I think that's why it's a really bad decision."

The Senator does believe it will rally GOP voters. "I think it emboldens the conservative base," Paul said. "It emboldens the Tea Party. I think you start to see bigger crowds again accumulating. I think Governor Romney has said that he would give a 50 state waiver immediately, day one. I think it will be a rallying cry."

When asked if Republicans would want to run on a platform of taking something away that Barack Obama has in essence secured, Senator McConnell exclaimed, "Sure! We're going to take away the half trillion dollars in Medicare cuts, take away the $500 billion in new taxes, (we'll) be happy to take that away."

"I don't think anybody likes any of that," McConnell continued. "This Obamacare law is extremely unpopular and I think it's important to have a referendum on it. The Chief Justice in his decision said it would be up to the American people to make this decision. That's why we have elections. We have one on the first Tuesday in November."

A July 11 vote is scheduled in the House to repeal the ObamacareTax law. No doubt, this will be a huge political issue as the record of their votes will be used in the campaign up through November.

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