Good Ol’ Diversity Creates Disparity

I was reading through the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today and came across an article about disparity in the workplace.  It has to do with the racial configuration of individuals who work for government in Fulton County, Georgia.  It seems to me that this is a perfect example of political correctness running amok.

The article points out that the population of that county consists of 47.5% white, 44.5% black, 8.1% Hispanic, and 5.8% Asian.  Yet, in spite of these figures, whites employed in the county represent only 14%, while blacks employed by the county represent a whopping 83%.  That is appalling, yet it exists.  I’m surprised the Atlanta Journal-Constitution actually has an article on it.

The article quotes R. Roosevelt Thomas, who is “considered the foremost diversity thought leader.” [1]  Roosevelt is also black.  He states, “This is an interesting twist…Usually, employers are concerned about attracting more minority or African-American applicants.  In this instance, they’re trying to attract more white applicants, it seems.” [2]

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It seems?  Yes, it seems, and with good reason.  The disparity in the numbers indicates that something is way off base and case could be made that whites have experienced institutionalized racism in Fulton County from blacks.  What else would account for such a huge disparity between the numbers of blacks employed versus the number of whites employed in a county where there are more whites than blacks?

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Apparently, this is not a new situation to Fulton County either.  As the article reports, “A decade ago, racial turmoil within the library system sparked a discrimination suit by white librarians that cost the county $18 million – enough to build two new libraries or operate the entire system for seven months.  In the latest example, last month a federal judge ordered the county to pay $1.2 million to a former employee who a jury ruled was snubbed for a promotion because he is white and male.” [3]

Isn’t that interesting?  Why is this happening at all?  In short, it’s happening because of something known as political correctness.  I’ve written several books on this subject and the subject has also been tackled by numerous others.  In short, political correctness separates people into two groups: victims and oppressors.  In general, the white Christian male is seen as the worst oppressor and because of that, just about everyone else when compared to the white Christian male is seen as the victim.  It gets a bit convoluted and difficult when victims are pitted against other victims though.  The results need to be carefully nuanced.

For instance, the black male pretty much trumps everyone as the greatest victim.  Women are also victims.  Gays are victims.  Muslims are fast becoming victims as well.  This explains why many things happen in our society that are either ignored or swept under the rug.

Because political correctness creates its own rules, it really is a moving palette of change.  The rules are based on emotional virtue, not God’s absolute truth.  The goals of political correctness are equality and freedom.  Unfortunately, these are things that are extremely difficult, if not impossible to measure.  Conversely, God’s absolutes are based on justice, which can be measured.

The problem with political correctness as it applies to Fulton County, Georgia, is that statistics can be and are measured as the article shows.  This is not something that those within politically correct circles want known.  Ultimately, people who live by political correctness believe that because of the “oppression” by mainly white males toward everyone else (but especially blacks), numbers shouldn’t matter.  In order to correct the alleged wrongs committed by the white race, the pendulum needs to swing in favor of blacks and other minorities until someone decides that things have equaled out.  Guess who gets to be the deciding voice here?  That’s correct, minorities.  When they believe things are equal, they will let us know.  Until then, things will continue to appear unequal and that’s deserved they say, because of the inequities that were perpetrated by whites generations ago in America.

There have been a number of discrimination lawsuits against Fulton County since 1996.  In fact, the article lists seven of them and in spite of the fact that juries in five of the suits, financial awards were given to the whites who brought the suits and two of the suits are soon coming to trial.  In at least one case, it is alleged that a black person was even punished for coming to the defense of white librarians who were demoted or unceremoniously transferred against their will.

This is the problem with political correctness (often called cultural Marxism).  It uses a standard that is not absolute and has no basis in truth.  It is all based on emotional virtue and because of that, changes with the wind.

On the other hand, if we applied God’s truth with the resultant justice that stems from it, to these situations, people would obtain jobs based not on color, but on qualifications.  Promotions would come the same way.  As it stands now, because of racism that exists within portions of every community, including the black community, people are wary and distrustful of others who are not part of their community.  Whites grow distrustful of blacks.  Blacks grow distrustful of whites.

In Fulton County, there appears to be a tremendous racial disparity in the workforce that has pitted one race against another and fueled the fires of discontent and distrust.  It seems that the more people rely on humanistic efforts to create “equality” as opposed to God’s standards, the results will always be the same.  Fulton County proves that those results do nothing to create true equality between races.



[2] Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sunday, April 28, 2013, B-1, Disparity Found in Workplace, by Johnny Edwards

[3] Ibid

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