I love dogs.  Although I have shared my home with a cat, or two, on occasion, I am a dog guy through and through.  Obviously, I am not alone.  Recent statistics reflect that 85 million households in the US own companion animals (dogs, cats, birds or horses), with total pets owned approaching 160 million.  Americans spend just over 61 billion on our pets each year.  No doubt, we are a nation that loves animals; especially when we choose to make them part of our family.  With that many animals interacting with humans each day, there is bound to be some abuse.  I do not have hard numbers, but I would guess that thousands of animals are killed each year due to abuse.  Abusers are cowards, and they live in every town. For who else besides a coward would intentionally abuse ANY defenseless person or animal?  Numerous animal rights organizations across the world owe their entire existence to stopping animal abuse, and with the exception of groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), I mostly applaud their efforts.  Some of these groups are so large that hundreds, if not thousands, can be mobilized for an animal rights cause, sometimes in mere days.  If animals could talk, I'm quite certain that they would thank the many people who come together for their protection.

Bullfight Protest in Mexico

All that being said, something that I observed recently got me thinking about the 57 million plus defenseless babies that have been murdered, since murder was made legal in the United States, by means of abortion.  So we go from a nation founded on Christian principles, which run parallel with liberty and values each individual, to a nation that takes money from its citizens to fund abortion mills like Planned Parenthood.  Oh, you didn't know that you were helping to fund the slaughter of the unborn through your taxes?  If you call yourself a Christian, you have a duty to stand against this travesty.  Leave it to evil, when left unchallenged, to ALWAYS promote death and destruction. In the black community, it's a full-blown crisis with 52% of babies aborted. Reverend CH Childress has an excellent website that breaks down this slaughter of black America.  It can be seen here. (Editor's Note: Maafa 21 is an excellent expose on Black Genocide in America)

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Imagine what would happen if you went to your next city council meeting and proposed that half of all dogs born in the town be killed, and then thrown in the trash out back.  For a comment like that, you're likely to get your house fire-bombed.  And, ironically, the black community votes mostly Democrat, if statistics are accurate.  So, essentially they are voting for their own destruction.  As I stated at the beginning of this article, I love dogs.  But, my love for dogs does not rise to the level of my love for humanity.  So, next time you see crowds of animal rights protestors assembled for the "cause du jour," take a bold step and ask them about the murdered children.  57 million extinguished souls, and counting, cry out for justice.  On that note, please allow me to leave you with a quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

Silence in the face of evil is evil itself; GOD will not hold us guiltless; Not to speak is to speak; Not to act is to act

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