Gold? Gold? Anybody Seen Our Gold? It May be Gone…Say It Ain’t So!

I’ve read a stream of articles for some time stating that the gold in Fort Knox is gone. One of the latest articles I read arrived in my inbox this morning from RedState Marketplace. It turned out to be a bit of an advertisement with comments like, “The U.S. government has NOT done a public audit of the gold in Fort Knox since 1974. Policymakers have ignored all requests for a new audit, too.

“Worse yet, $982 million worth of gold has left JFK International Airport in New York since the year began.

“The destination? Somewhere in South Africa.”

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Fort Knox may not need security after all...
Fort Knox may not need security after all…
This was followed by the question, “Do you think Fort Knox is empty?” You were then asked to vote and something would happen…or something else would happen. Who knows?

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It got me thinking though that based on what Nixon did in 1971, when he entered into an agreement with the Saudis to back American dollars with black gold (oil), from that point on, did the US even need gold anymore?

Another article (from 1981) I read recently discussed the alleged looting of Fort Knox of 7,000 tons of gold that allegedly occurred in 1973-1974. If you follow the embedded link, you’ll even see images of the newspaper article. It speaks of the $66 billion dollars worth of gold simply gone.

Gee, who could have done such a thing? The same people who have gotten us into many wars, including the wars in Libya and are now trying to get us into war with Syria. What many don’t realize is that, according to people like Dr. John Coleman and Daniel Estulin (I’m surprised those guys are still alive), the Global Elite uses wars as a means of making money, but also covering their tracks to go in and loot countries of their wealth. This is allegedly what occurred in Libya, even before Qadaffi’s government was toppled and he was killed.

One article reports that billions went missing. Part of it was used by his children who seemed to enjoy living high on the hog, but during the toppling of his government, there was still much money to be had, not to mention control of oil and weapons of mass destruction. Where did those go again? Oh, right, they were destroyed (cough, cough).

Another article states that Iraq purchased 55,000 pounds of gold last December, but they weren’t the only ones. Where are they getting the gold from and who is selling it to them?

Bix Weir noted,

“We are on the brink of something the majority of people in the world are not prepared for. The complete elimination of fiat money and a return to a gold standard.”

Fiat money in America is the dollar, not the gold that supposedly backs it.

Dr. John Coleman provides much detail with respect to Boris Yeltsin and his tenure as Soviet leader. He explains how Russia was looted as Yeltsin declined in health. By the time Putin took over as President, he was very surprised to learn what had happened. According to Coleman and Estulin, this is what the Global Elite does. They loot. They take things that don’t belong to them because they can and no one can stop them.

The Global Elite have their own armies of mercenaries who do what they’re told for pay. They help take over countries and get the gold (or other natural resources) out of the country into the waiting bank accounts of the Global Elite.

This has been going on for decades and decades. Why do we know about it now and didn’t then? Because of the Internet, you know, the one Al Gore created, right? Because of the ‘Net, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas and that’s good for us little guys. The problem of course, is that we may have reached a point of critical mass where the Global Elite doesn’t care what we know or how we know it. They keep doing what they do anyway because they know they’re close to achieving their goal of a NWO.

But if Fort Knox is out of gold, what does that mean to you and me? Ultimately, it means that our economy is being artificially propped up and the money that is being printed by the Fed isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. It also means that once the Global Elite has what they want/need, they will have the plug pulled on the economy and the dollar will be seen for what it is – worthless.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the price of gold and it’s interesting to see how quickly it fluctuates from one day to the next. Yesterday, every commodity was done. Gold went from $1405/ounce to $1368/ounce and today, it’s back up to just under $1400/ounce. What does this mean? It means that investors are wary of an impending war with Syria. If we get into war, expect gold and silver to skyrocket.

You are probably aware that several battleships from Russia are moving into position near Syria and Chinese battleships are on the way there. Battleships from the USA are also there, taking up position. Beyond this, Iran and various terrorist groups have vowed to attack, rape, and kill Americans throughout the world if the US attacks Syria. They want to hire an invisible army to do it too.

Meanwhile, Obama is doing everything he can to drum up support for a war with Syria (because he wants to please the Global Elite so they’ll keep him around) and lawmakers aren’t sure what to do, except John McCain and Boehner. Graham is still wavering though he recently stated that if we don’t attack Syria, a nuclear warhead might be detonated in South Carolina. Hollywood stars are getting into the act too trying to help Obama out. I think those who want us to go to Syria should GO to Syria. Dress them up in uniforms, give ’em a gun and send them off with a wave and swift kick in the butt. Charles Rangel should be the first since he wants to reinstate the draft in America in preparation for Syria.

Bottom line: if the Global Elite can successfully use the USA to topple Assad’s government and set up a Muslim Brotherhood puppet, this will be the first time in history that they control Syria. Once they control Syria, they can topple Iran and deal with Russia at the same time.

Once this happens, they can pull the plug on America’s economy and set up another currency in place of the dollar. Do you see how this works? It’s not about spreading “democracy.” It’s about looting and grabbing more power to put the NWO in place.

It’s only going to get worse you know. I hope you’ve made some preparations, chief of which is knowing Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. After that, you should have food, water, and basic supplies that can carry you for several months.

If war in Syria happens, it will get ugly. Gold? Did someone ask about the gold that was in Fort Knox?

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