Going from Beating Others in the Knockout Game to Being Shot to Death by Homeowner

Demetrius Murphy, 15, a young black male, was recently shot dead by a homeowner in St. Louis, MO when the homeowner had reason to believe that Murphy and his 17-year-old accomplice were attempting to break into his home. Because of this, “The [homeowner] then got his gun and went outside to investigate the disturbance — as Murphy reportedly started approaching him.”

According to Colin Flaherty, Murphy has been identified as an individual who enjoyed playing the “knockout game” against whites and others. “Over the last two years, hundreds of people around the country have become victims. Some say over 100 in St. Louis alone. Some died.” Interesting game.

Matt Quain
Results of the “knockout game” left Quain with broken bones in his face

The game is not simply played by individuals we might be tempted to call “thugs.” Flaherty notes that “Last week, four members of the national Championship Alabama football team were arrested after three played the game two times, and the fourth tried to use a debit card taken during the attacks.”

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Murphy and his buds had been previously arrested for their alleged involvement in the knockout game against Matt Quain. That attack was witnessed by a 13-year-old girl. The charges were eventually dropped because the girl never showed up to testify, most likely due to witness intimidation. After their release, they jubilantly posted their victory on their social network pages. For an indepth look at the creation of the knockout game, check out this website.

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Quain, who “suffered broken bones in his face and jaw,” was located by the degenerates just days later and they only left him alone when he threatened them with pepper spray.

Interestingly enough, Flaherty cites two opposing viewpoints by two separate black individuals regarding the case of Murphy being shot to death. The first one comes from Murphy’s grandfather who said, “I believe this is another one of the Trayvon Martin stories where people are getting so gun happy they shoot just on impulse now. I could understand if he was a threat. But on the property, he was not a threat.”

If Murphy had been one of the individuals who attacked Quain, obviously, he was a threat. What if Quain had been left paralyzed, vegetative, or dead? As long as there are people who are willing to come out in defense of people like Murphy, they will do whatever they want to do in society. The fact that they will get away with it tells them that they can do more of it.

Another individual – a black woman – noted the following. “as a black woman i will say this, i wish they would run into the right person who is armed to defend themselves with a firearm…i bet we will see a drastic decrease in violence in our city. it is embarrassing and shameful – the image these losers portray of blacks in st louis. i do not and never will reside anywhere besides the suburbs of this city, because no one is safe among these savages. do not get angry when people call them thugs, because that is exactly what they are and no excuses can be made for this barbaric behavior! it’s disgusting!!!”

She gets it, but of course, racist blacks and liberal whites will ignore her because it doesn’t agree with their agenda.

We really don’t know how many times Murphy and his buddies played the knockout game. We’re relatively sure that they played it against Matt Quain and left him with broken bones. They never paid for the crime either. They walked.

Another individual who lived near Murphy’s grandfather offered his own history with Murphy. “I live 3 houses down from where the shooting took place. I believe they are the ones who threw a rock and a brick into my window, stole my tv, ps3, wii and games as well right before this happened. They ransacked my room, no regard for my property. I am still freaked out over this whole thing. I hope this is a lesson of the consequences for violating my community’s privacy.”

People have a right to live in peace. They have a right to know that they can protect themselves from individuals like Demetrius Murphy who flaunt the law and run roughshod over people. There is – unfortunately, due to political correctness – a growing line of thinking in our society that says blacks are the main victims in society and the main oppressors are white (Christian) males. This then, often grants permission to people like Murphy to create havoc because they have come to believe they are victims. When they are caught for committing crimes, but released, they feel even more empowered to do more of it. Couple this with the belief by many blacks that it is impossible for blacks to be racists and you begin to see why so few of these crimes are labeled “hate” crimes.

Murphy was arrested for beating Matt Quain. Charges were dropped. If he was guilty of the crime, but got off with no penalty, it obviously made him bolder, rather than serving to help him reel in his improper (and illegal) behavior.

It wasn’t long before he went up against someone who had a way of shutting down Murphy for good. His friend has been arrested and “charged with murder because he was an accomplice to a felony where a person was killed.” Murphy’s grandfather wants to blame the victim, the homeowner. Had Murphy not been trying to break into a home, he might still be alive looking for whites and others to play the knockout game on today.

I have read so many incidents of the knockout game all over the country and when the perpetrators are caught (which is rare), not a whole lot happens (unless the perpetrators are adults), as many of them are young, some as young as 12 or 13.

It’s too bad that “games” like this happen. It’s too bad that these young men did not have better parenting and role models. It’s too bad that they often look up to people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They should be looking up to Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen and other men who could help put them on the straight and narrow. Instead, they look to too many within the black community who make excuses for them and give them a free pass.

Murphy stands before God, judged now, because of his actions. It’s a shame he chose how to live that brought him down. We always pay for our choices.

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