God’s Not Dead – Whether People Believe It or Not

I’m not in the business of being a movie critic. In fact, I rarely go see any movies at all. The reason is because I know that Hollywood is full of liberals who have more in common with hard-line communists than anyone who would stand for the truth, or anything “pro American” for that matter. For many of us, this is obvious just by watching the message embedded in many of today’s films. However, the communists actually outlined a strategic goal to control Hollywood, in order to use movie making to control our perceptions. It was listed as one of 45 communist goals that were entered into the congressional record in the 1960’s. (This is what Joseph McCarthy warned people about.) If you haven’t yet come across this list of commie objectives, you simply must read it; it will send a “warm and fuzzy” right up your spine.

With all of this being said, I took the time to go see the film “God isn’t dead,” and for me it was an amazing experience, not because it was a good movie, but because it mirrored what my college experience was like dealing with Marxists professors. I was told to shut up and stop asking questions. I was continually treated like a bigot, and my opinions were discredited by professors who all had a common goal, and that was to create good little socialists, or “global citizens,” if you will.

Needless to say, I fought back. I wasn’t taking it, period.  I didn’t spend 10 years in the service to listen to an idiot tell me I don’t have a First Amendment Right to defend my opinion; especially when all they were doing was teaching their opinions to me! Anyways, that’s beside the point, I digress.

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The movie was also a pleasure to watch because it did a great job laying out today’s fundamental debate; which revolves around the question of life’s origins being a result of evolution, or Creation. There is a huge humanist movement in America today. Many people believe that evolution, and the idea that there is no God has freed man and enabled him to “progress” past the restrictive binds of “ancient fairy” tales. What they fail to realize is that the idea of evolution and the belief that man was an accident, with no moral significance whatsoever are what led to the most horrific genocides in all of human history. In fact, under communist rule, more men were killed in the twentieth century alone, than in all the world’s wars combined throughout human history. The number is roughly one hundred million people dead; all because someone believed they could create a perfect world by managing humanity as a herd of animals.

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Some people may be wondering what any of this has to do with communism. After all, communism is best known as an economic system where central authority ensures economic equality.

While it’s true that they present communism in this manner, the reality is that communism is a social science; communism is the end result of mental conditioning to get you to accept what you normally wouldn’t. Let me explain. When Karl Marx created his theory of economic communism, he needed something that would make people break away from their traditional norms and accept what he created.

Marx, at one time, claimed to be a devout Christian and actually created communism to get back at God. What he needed was the means to get people to believe that they should be subservient to the state, not God.  Charles Darwin‘s theory of evolution, and the idea that man was no more “morally significant” than the primordial ooze from which he claims we sprang was the perfect ideology. It was adopted by Marx.

Fast forward a couple of decades where we have Vladimir Lenin applying this ideology to the Russian people and we have another player in all of this, Ivan Pavlov (the dog guy). Lenin asked Pavlov to apply his conditioning techniques to the Russian people, and voila! Communist propaganda is born. People, through the use of social science, have been reduced to nothing but an accident in which evolutionists claimed they were. As a result, there was no “moral” crime in eliminating them if they stood in the way of the highest ideal, government controlled utopia (communism.)

This is why people must take a stand and defend their faith. We are living in a time when there are very, focused efforts are underway to undermine Americas Judeo-Christian heritage and ideas of morality, which if I might add, is another one of the 45 communist goals. We are being governed by people who are deliberately inciting hatred in any way they can, whether it be racial or economic. They spew their lies in the hopes of creating enough chaos where they can assert the desired controls they seek. This is further evidence that God is real, because only the devil would do this. The lighter side to all of this is knowing that Jesus will return, and God will fulfill his promise. In the end, evil loses, no matter how much we must suffer before we see it, because some things are true whether you believe them or not. In other words, as we continue to watch the world around us collapse and evil advance its agenda, perhaps it’s time to rejoice instead of panic.

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