John Emmert, a NASA scientist working at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C. studying the earth’s upper atmosphere has reported that an increased level of CO2 in the outer atmosphere is causing less gravitational pull on satellites and space trash. Of course, the main nucleus of the report is about increased CO2 levels generated by humans and resulting global warming/climate change, rather than the aspect of gravity itself.

John Emmert is yet another scientist in a long list of individuals studying GW/CC who are highly educated in fields having nothing to do with weather, climate, or general atmospheric physics. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, World Meteorological Organization, WMO, and other United Nations based climate research organizations are for the most part, void of meteorologists and instead employ a variety of PhDs and scientists who have no formal education in any subject having to do with weather and climate. Some of these so called climate experts are not scientists’ at all but simply environmental activists. It is safe to say that the whole GW/CC genre is unreliable junk science, since it is operated by individuals considered pseudo climate scientists.

The entire GW/CC ideal should insult those who are actual meteorologists since it doesn’t include those who are truly experts in the field of weather and climate and have the formal education making them so.

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No one would consider seeking medical advice from their plumber or legal help from a physician yet, that is what we are doing when we believe what we are told concerning GW/CC. The concept of GW/CC is based on nothing more than forecasts made by corrupted computer models and manipulated data designed to show a particular outcome presented by those unqualified to assess atmospheric physics. Realistically, climactic facts and actual weather records do not support the fantasy at all.

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Claims of the decade from 2000 to 2010 being the hottest on record, the hottest year on record recently (no specific year since they couldn’t seem to agree on an exact year) both had to be revised since actual records proved otherwise. Every wild claim made by the GW/CC pseudo scientists has been proven false.

The idea that CO2 levels have risen to the point that it will affect the world’s climate is absurd. The actual percentage of CO2 in the whole atmosphere is less than 1% of 1% meaning that at this level on concentration it is an inert gas at best which simply isn’t enough to change anything at all, much less than cause global scale climate changes.

The claim that increased CO2 levels can decrease gravitational pull on objects in space is a farce, because the force of gravity is determined by the size and density of an object such as planets and moons themselves rather than the type of atmosphere surrounding them. For instance, a space as tall as the Empire State Building could be filled with pure CO2, a second space the same size could be filled with air and a ball dropped at the same time from the top of both of them would land at the bottom at identical times. The same experiment could be done on the planet Mars using air from earth to fill one space and the Martian atmosphere which is over 90% CO2 to fill the other and the results of having the balls land at the bottom at the same time would be the outcome. The point being that the balls would fall according to the gravitational pull of the planets themselves and not due to the content of the atmosphere itself.

Another CO2 lie is about the duration the gas stays in the atmosphere. According to the IPCC it will remain in the atmosphere anywhere from 100 years to as much as 500 years. However, the actual scientific fact is CO2 will only stay in the atmosphere from 3 to 5 years.
In actuality, with the need for higher crop yields and quality with the rising human population an increase in CO2 levels would be just what we need instead of genetically manipulating crops which can have profound health consequences as we now have.

Those who promote the myth of GW/CC aren’t interested in fighting climate change at all but have a political agenda they wish to enact which was fully explained in the UNs Agenda 21. The only way they can achieve it is by creating a global threat that must be confronted using guide lines from the Agenda itself. Thus, we are being fooled into fighting a nonexistent threat in the form of GW/CC which requires us to submit to their vision of a New World Order.

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