Pump Up The Warming… Global Warming That Is

Question: what happens when the Sun sets? It gets dark and gets cooler. Now, what happens when the Sun rises? It becomes light and warms. In other words, the Sun is the source of the earth’s warmth. It’s hard to dispute that scientific and oh so obvious fact. And without it (the Sun), the Earth would be a dark, cold, lifeless rock. Yet scientists discovered long ago that the warmth from the Sun is not consistent.

Sunspots affect the Sun’s warming of the earth, and they (sunspots) appear to run in regular cycles. The next to be the 25th recorded cycle. So it could accurately be stated that sunspots cause global warming and cooling.

Untitled-3On average, the earth is warmer when sunspot activity is high and cooler with less, and there has been a lot less sunspot activity lately, coupled with the weakening of the Sun’s magnetic fields that cause sunspots; steadily weakening since 1995. Funny how there hasn’t been any warming since 1998 – shortly after the weakening. Yet the man-made global warming fanatics insist that sunspots are not a factor.

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Wacky publications like new science magazine declare “Those hoping that the Sun could save us from global climate change look set for disappointment. The recent lapse in solar activity is not the beginning of a decade’s long absence of sunspots, a dip that might have cooled the climate. Instead, it represents a shorter, less pronounced downturn that happens every century or so.” Funny how they can make such ridiculously definitive statements that go unchallenged.

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And then there are “scientists” like Giuliana DeToma, of the High Altitude Observatory in, Colorado that insist that low sunspot activity, “is not an indication that we are going into a Maunder Minimum.”

The Maunder Minimum from years 1645 1715, was a period of little to no sunspots known as the “Little Ice Age.”

DeToma then admits, “We do not know why the Maunder Minimum started, so we cannot predict the next one.”

Now I’m not a scientist, so let’s see if I have this right. We do not know why the Maunder Minimum began, but we do know that low sunspot activity is by no means an indication or cause. Huh? And there you have a shining example of the typically warped logic of the man-made global warming climate change wacko.

That’s like saying, “I don’t know why my car is bashed in, but I do know the cause is definitely not that telephone pole I’m wrapped around.”

Frankly, their statements should embarrass these people, but they don’t, for the folks who travel in the same circles are just as dimwitted and blinded by their ideology.

As I stated, I am not a scientist or “climate expert” but it’s rather obvious that the sun is the main source of heat for Earth. So if low sunspot activity causes global cooling, as it appears to do, and we are in an extended cycle of virtually no sunspots, would it not make sense to pump up the man-made warming?

If not, can we blame the anti-global warming nut jobs for not preventing the next “Little Ice Age” if it occurs? I say we can.

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