Give Me Law or Give Me Death!

If you’ll notice, the progressive liberals, close conscience of the socialists and elites, have destroyed the delicate balance of the healthcare market by interfering laws which force people to make purchases in a particular sector or else be taxed (fined) for failing to do so.

It was predestined to fail.  You cannot tell people who don’t have the money for insurance to buy insurance and not expect a backlash of rebellion against the purchase.  You cannot expect such a backlash without repercussion to an industry promised a bonanza of new customers who were supposed to mitigate costs for all the new and exotic preexisting conditions.  You cannot expect such repercussion without a commensurate increase in the cost of the product.  You cannot expect that increase to be received well by the public.

Patrick Henry giving his famous speech "Give me liberty or give me death"
Patrick Henry giving his famous speech “Give me liberty or give me death”
All of this was known.  There is no way the legislators and administrators did not know, or were not informed by the healthcare industry or insurers or actuaries, that such events were not bound to transpire.  So either the legislators and administrators said “pfft” to the warnings, and proceeded ahead in complete abandon to the laws of market behavior, or the legislators and administrators did this with malice aforethought.

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Why would they do this with malice aforethought?  To destroy the health insurance industry.  Why would they do that? (1) It helps them to appear as a hero versus an industry they’ve been railing against for decades, (2) it gives them power.  Power over your destiny.  Power over resources.  Power over life and death.  Why would they want that?  Either they believe you are an idiot and they are your saviors, or else they are pure evil.

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We can decide which very easily.   First, they passed a law in a manner against the law.  Their ACA law originated in the Senate when it was required to originate in the House.  How did they circumvent this requirement?  They subverted the process by making it more expedient for the sake of compassion to bypass the Constitution.  Second, they argued in front of the Supreme Court that the fine within the ACA was a tax.  Strangely, Chief Justice Roberts helped them by rewriting the law to suit the Constitution in this regard.  Why would he do this?  Some say he was blackmailed, others say he is a traitor to lawfulness and America.  Third, they gave waivers to their friends, making the “law” a mockery.  When law is not enforced equally, it is tyranny.  Fourth, they delayed the implementation of the law for certain industries.  This broke the law’s mandate of statutory deadlines.  Lawlessness. 

NOW, with the health insurance industry in chaos just weeks after the “rollout” of “Obamacare,” the “fix” (they say) is to force health insurers to reinstate dropped policies, dropped due to regulations installed by the Executive branch, regulations which can be changed at the drop of a hat because they are regulations, and not law.  But notice that the “fix” for them is not to follow the law, but to break the law again.  Rather than change changeable regulations, they decide to break the requirements of the law in the name of “Compassion.”

“But, Tom, what would you have us do?  Is it fair for these ‘folks’ to suffer because of problems associated with this law?”  The answer is “Yes.” It is extremely fair that people understand once and for all that breaking the law in the name of compassion only makes problems for those which such law was supposedly enacted to aid and assist.  We came to this juncture by way of breaking the law which they passed.  If the law is further broken by them in the name of compassion, will it not lead to further and further hell?

“But, Tom, what do we do?  Should we just suffer?!”  No.  The answer is, if the law doth offend thee, cut off that law.  Repeal it.  If it can be legislated properly, let it be so. However, it cannot, and that is why they will not go back to legislation.  We came to this place by way of lawlessness. 

Do you wish to “fix” the situation by more lawlessness?  If your answer is “Yes,” you have been co-opted.  If your answer is “Yes,” they have persuaded you that relief from their tyranny should come by any means necessary; and in that fashion, if your answer is “Yes,” you are seeking a government handout, on their terms.  You have been Overton Window’d.

The correct response is to reject every unlawful act by the government.  Everyone should decline to join their game.  Everyone should refuse to sign up for Obamacare.  Everyone should refuse to pay the penalty tax/fine.  Everyone should refuse to work for one month so that the government receives no income taxes, no Medicare taxes, no taxes of any kind.  Defund by defunding! 

And for that month, everyone should go to Washington DC and sit on the front lawn of the White House, singing songs of patriotism and God until they relent.  Millions of Americans staking their claim for liberty instead of slavery.  A true awakening of what people can do when they feel motivated to do it.  You can stand up.  You can win.

The answer is not to depend on 535 Congressmen, 9 judges, and 1 executive, all of dubious morals and even intellect, to sort this out for you.  For Pete’s sake, theycreated the situation!  They made a law.  They cannot even follow their own corrupt law.  What does that tell you?

The answer is to depend upon Law.  Transparent law.  Known law.  Equal law.  Correctly enacted, with proper foundations, equally enforced.  If you don’t understand what I just said, you are well on your way to being a slave.  If you don’t understand that Law is more important than common sense, opinion, power, mercy, or compassion, you are destined for tyranny.

The basis for these principles is Torah.  These concepts, and the philosophical fundamentals of Locke, Montesquieu, Hume, and others, are the foundation of our Constitution.  This Constitution, and the Amendments thereof, are the actual law of the land, our rights, if you will, naturally repellant against overaggressive government.  But these laws of which people say “the law is the law” are but fourth-generation ordinances corrupted by immorality and desire.  Only if laws rest comfortably on the trusses of Torah, Liberty, and National Constitution are such laws valid. 

Obviously, Obamacare is a subversive law meant to utilize in the most superficial manner the lessons of the trusses without actually leaning on them.  In its requirements, Obamacare is anti-Torah, anti-Liberty, and anti-Constitution, removing God, the individual, and even the American spirit from this sector.

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

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