George Soros: From Mr. Wizard To The Wizard Of Oz

This is an article I posted several years back and it was one that simply opened my eyes to someone that has influenced and invested in the Democrat Party, Socialism and various other things. So here’s what I discovered and wrote.

O.K. Toto…I get it now..

We aren’t in Kansas anymore, that’s for sure. I have been sent down a road…not a pretty yellow brick road, but more like a dark and treacherous alley of crooks, thieves, and manipulators. I should preface this with the fact that I am not normally a ‘conspiracy theorist’ type. I don’t buy into the Freemasons surreptitiously working in the underworld to take over the world. That being said, I do have a possibly irritating quality of asking nagging questions. Mostly the “who, what, why, where, and how” questions. Statements made to me are met with skepticism, especially statements with premises that sound like there is a hidden agenda somewhere. That’s me…I just can’t let well enough alone. I have to find out where in the heck that came from.

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So as the election year ticked on with the same talking points coming out of every left wing media outlet, I kept thinking…”where are they getting this crap?” and…”who in the heck believes this crap?” and..”who is feeding them this crap?” and…”how can so many people get sucked into this crap?” and…”why am I hearing the same crap on every media outlet and seeing it in every newspaper?” and…”what the heck did this or that person just say that was another piece of crap?”

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The biggest question I kept coming up with is this one, “Who is pulling the strings behind the election and the economy that is causing this implosion we are seeing?” I ask this question because the simultaneous collapse of our economy, the global economy, and the emergence of the biggest socialist regime in the history of America cannot be a coincidence. Somebody somewhere is yanking us around and I had to find out who was behind it.

Well, folks…I have been spending a lot of time on the search for truth with my best friend, Mr. Google. (now my best friend Google is getting in bed with the Wizard of Oz, too…but that’s another story.) My search has been fruitful, however, frightening in its outcome. In the dark alley there were doors. Behind every door was the same person….the same name, the same puppeteer. Behind the curtain was a billionaire named George Soros.

This is not surprising news to those who have been watching this thing for the last few years…but it was news to me. While I had heard the name, George Soros, I had no idea the extent of his collusion with the Democrats, the Socialist agenda, or his stated mission to take down the economy of the United States. Now I know. And I am going to share links with you guys on the subject of this man, who he is and his mega-maniacal powers.

It’s hard to imagine that someone would have so much money and power that they could pull this off. In fact, as I have been learning this information I have felt the incredulous feeling of being smack in the middle of some geo-political thriller such as Dr. Strangelove, State of Fear, or one of the Bourne identity movies…or Enemy of the State. While this could seem just too too incredulous…it’s more like, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

Below are links to the information I found. I know it takes time to read through all of this. I can’t do anything about shortening that…but I revere the blood of our founding fathers who put their lives on the line to save us from just this kind of tyranny and, so therefore, I think the least we can do is take the time to get some smarts on who the enemy is, who the collaborators are, and prepare for the long fight ahead. I only wish it were as simple as throwing some boxes of tea in the nearest harbor. The links below are just the tip of the ever increasing iceberg in our (pseudo global warming / real economic ) crisis. I’ll put more links to this diabolical monster next time. There is much more if you want to just google this: George Soros and the Democrat Party. Or Google: George Soros manipulates nations.

Please take a look at and read the links below…

Video on Soros and Who he is
Front Page on “the Shadow Party”
Article on Soros manipulation of resources
Relationships to the Open Society Institute
Canada Free Press Article
Soros Manipulates Poland, Article from Radio Islam

In addition, Soros’ hedge fund bought Conagra last year. Conagra is one of the largest food suppliers in the world, owner of so many brands I could not name them all. Soros is not content controlling just money…he wants to control energy supplies, food supplies, and money.

(Ospraie and Soros buy US commodities trader
David Walker
25 Jun 2008
New York hedge fund Ospraie Management has teamed up with billionaire financier George Soros to pay $2.8bn (€1.54bn) for the commodities trading and merchandising business of US-based ConAgra Foods, in what is thought to be the largest acquisition by a hedge fund.)

So let’s see….this billionaire guy owns the Democrat Party, he owns a hedge fund that takes down nations, he owns a Socialist non-profit called Open Society Institute which is an umbrella / front for every leftist group you ever heard of, he controls media outlets by subterfuge, and now he owns a huge amount of the food distribution chain. We’ll see how much more I can find, but welcome to Oz. You are just now meeting the Wizard..and he ain’t Santa Claus.
Stay tuned….and vigilant.

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