The GAYstapo Wants To Have Christians Arrested

A recent article in the UK’s Christian Institute quoted pop star Will Young, a member of the new Gaystapo, as he referred to clergymen who referenced homosexual unions, which they are trying to get everyone to say they are homosexual “marriage” (which this writer will not do), as “abhorrent.” Mr. Young didn’t stop there though. He continued expressing the desire to have those who see the new Gaystapo and their unions as abhorrent as those who should be prosecuted for hate crimes. He certainly wouldn’t like what I call it: sodomy, homosexualality, debauchery, unnatural, depraved, perverse, evil, disgusting, wretched and a host of other terms to describe the Gaystapo perverts.

Somehow Mr. Young thinks it’s ok to call people with convictions other than his own criminals and hatemongers that should be in jail, but when they disagree with his position he cries “foul” like a little child kicking and screaming that they are intolerant. See the utter intolerance of the tolerance movement?

These statements appeared live on BBC1’s Question Time.

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I like to identify people like Mr. Young as the new Gaystapo, or among the militant sodomites who are showing themselves for who they truly are. They are those who claim to love and be tolerant, yet they are the very epitome of hate and intolerance. They want to silence anyone who would call their perverse behavior….well, perverse!

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They would just a soon see Bible believing Christians in prison and if they had their way executed. They only speak of love in terms of sex. While there probably are some homosexuals who do care for their partners, it is then betrayed by the fact that they engage them romantically and sexually, thus showing a hatred of them.

A columnist for the Daily Mail, Janice Atkinson warned clergy that they could be “called into a police station” for simply voicing what they believe concerning traditional marriage to which Mr. Young replied, “yes, rightfully so.”

Mr. Young tried to do what so many of the militant sodomites do and that is try and equate race, religion and sexual preference. First, there is only one race Mr. Young. The human one. Second, there are basically two religions in the world, the religion of grace and the religion of works. Grace only exists in Christianity. All other religions are a religion where man can somehow save himself by his works. Third, sexual preference is a choice that you make, thus the use of the term preference. Homosexuality use to be dealt with as a mental illness and in the Church it was dealt with as sin. Maybe we should start referring to “sexual disorientation” rather than “sexual orientation”.

Fortunately there was a bit of sanity on the part of Mr. Atkinson as she said, “that Britain would be walking into a police state if we go down that route” and she is exactly right. Not only Britain, but we in America.

America is quickly coming under the same attack from militant homosexuals. They want to herald the mantra of tolerance while at the same time being utterly intolerant of views that are opposed to theirs. I have been called intolerant. I’m far from that. I don’t mind engaging people of different opinions and just because I differ with someone does not mean I cannot deal with someone who thinks otherwise.

Government minister Eric Pickles chimed in, “for merely expressing the view that it is wrong in the view of his religion, to turn that into a hate crime would be the worst kind of repression.” I totally agree.

Recently in America, Kirk Cameron was attacked for comments he made regarding what he believes about homosexuality and was then defended by liberal Piers Morgan.

Here is the whole problem with hate crime legislation: What crime is done out of love? Are there any crimes that are committed out of love for the person who is the victim? NO. All crimes are crimes out of hate and selfishness. Can we please put this terminology out of the legal system? There is absolutely no need to speak of any crime as a “hate crime”. All crime is a result of hate, not love. First and foremost it is usually hatred of the Creator, so in my estimation and the estimation of the Scriptures, Mr. Young and the sodomite community are all guilty of crimes against nature and nature’s God and why? Because they hate Him.

However, the solution to the problem is not fighting hate with hate, but rather confronting hate with true love and the gospel of Jesus Christ, which silences sinners, humbles them and changes their hearts, desires and actions for the glory of God.

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