GA Rep Pushes For Second Amendment Freedoms, Republicans Shoot Him Down

On Friday, Representative Charles Gregory (R-Kennesaw) took to the Georgia State House Floor to introduce an amendment to SB 101 that would have repealed state prohibitions on carrying firearms in places of worship, college campuses, and bars. I’ll not that the first and last places mentioned are private property and as such, government should not be telling property owners what they can and cannot allow. As for college campuses, well they are those “Gun Free Zones” which are widely known as “open season for criminals” areas. Gregory’s amendment to stop government regulation of where a law abiding citizen can carry his firearm was shot down by House Republicans, many of whom ran on a pro-Second Amendment platform.


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The legislation that he sought to amend was sponsored by 6 Republicans in the Senate and 1 in the House.

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Gregory pointed out that there are 119 Republicans in the House and 38 in the Senate. He asked, “How many of you campaigned on support for the Second Amendment?” Gregory also said that they could do a far better gun bill than what has been put forth. His idea of a gun bill is to remove current infringements upon the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of Georgia.

Rep. Gregory said that college campuses have been compromised and privately owned colleges should be able to set their own policies with regards to firearms. Since public colleges are owned by the citizens of the State of Georgia, it is the role of the state to protect the equal rights of all individuals, not to infringe on them.

When it comes to private property, the Georgia representative said that people don’t check their First Amendment rights to speech or religion at the door. Why should they check their Second Amendment rights?

He also spoke to one carrying their firearms into churches and bars, including them with campuses. “Unlike criminal trespass where you don’t commit a crime, unless you refuse to leave when asked, mistakenly walking onto a church, bar, or college (property) is enough to get you thrown in jail for a year,” he said.

He also pointed out that some of the NRA’s provisions were “dumped.”

Representative Gregory said that there was also “useless and dangerous mental health language.” This is something I’ve warned people about since the issue of mental health came up during the gun debate.

“These provisions will serve only to create and perpetuate government bureaucracies, violate individual privacy, and encumber law abiding citizens,” he said. “Just like criminals, crazy people that would do us harm don’t care about our laws and mark my words, someone is going to try to expand these provisions further in years to come. This is the new face of gun control.”

He then mocked the legislation saying, “But, hey! At least we save a few dollars on license renewals.”

Representative Charles Gregory then hit the nail on the head when he said that those elected to office are not charged to infringe on the people’s rights, but to protect them. Would someone please communicate that loud and clear to elected officials both locally, at the state level and at the Federal level?

“Natural rights belong to the people regardless of the morally invalid statutory laws we continue to impose on them,” he resounded.

“Legislation in violation of natural law is tyranny.”

Before presenting his amendment, Gregory made a wonderful statement, not that the above are not. He said,

“I’ve heard a lot of talk this session about what the governor wants and what the governor will accept. This body is directly accountable to the people. It is a separate and discreet branch of government. The legislation passed out of this House and the Senate should be so solely with the interests of the people in mind. It should not be held hostage to the will or collusion of the governor’s office. If the governor receives a good, clean bill on his desk that reduces state infringement and respects the rights of the people, and he doesn’t sign it, that’s on him.”

He went on to point out that the governor was also accountable to the people and that this was the “nature of our government’s separation of powers.”

He then asked his colleagues if they could vote “Yes” on the bill without amending it and go home and tell their constituents that they fought for their Second Amendment rights.

He called for a suspension of the rules and a hearing of his amendment and a vote on it. The Speaker denied him the amendment and in his appeal the vote was 1 “Yea,” his own against 167 “Nays.”

Interestingly enough on the front page of the prior day’s Majority Whip Report was the following quote from Thomas Jefferson:

“Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.”

Sadly the Georgia Republicans acted in a way similar to their state convention last year in which they tucked their tails between their legs and wouldn’t stand against the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act and its “indefinite detention” provisions.

Rep. Gregory is a statesman that Georgians should be proud of. He has pushed for a Constitutional carry act, a restoring of gun rights during a state of emergency act, a restoring of private property rights for places of worship act, and campus carry act, along with other vital pieces of legislation to remove the restrictions of freedom placed on the Georgia citizens by their government. This is not surprising seeing that he comes from a city that actually mandate gun ownership.

If this makes you mad, don’t attack the messenger, replace these establishment Republicans with freedom loving Americans who will stand for your rights and encourage those like Representative Charles Gregory who stood in the face of opposition for you. Gun control legislation cannot be blamed on Democrats in Georgia.


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