The Frustration of Being Sold Out By America’s Government

After reading and hearing about being sold down the road once again by Congress, disappointment and anger were two of the biggest emotions that had to dissipate before I could even begin to formulate words again. It would be useless to try and compose coherent thought with all the “choice” words that I had for Congress rattling around in my head. Now that the main emotions have calmed down, I find that other emotions, equally as strong, have taken their place.

1009-JOHN-BOEHNER-sized.jpg_full_380Looking at the news headlines online this morning, it didn’t take long to see that nothing has been resolved. We are still facing unbridled spending, increasing taxation, an ever growing federal government, and decreasing freedoms. Everyone is still involved in the “blame game” as evidenced in the news with a petition at calling for arrest of GOP congress members on the grounds of sedition. Obama, in his gloating “winning” speech yesterday, calls for individuals not to listen to “talking heads on the radio, bloggers and “professional activists who profit from conflict.”

Here we are in an America where people want to arrest members of Congress for doing their job and disagreeing with the President and the Democratic controlled Senate. Here we are in an America where the President calls for individuals to ignore freedom of speech and reject exchanges of ideas that differ from his own or those of the party who holds the majority in the Senate. Here we are in America facing the same issues in January due to the agreed upon resolution, if you can call it that. Nothing has been solved, just put off on tomorrow what could have and should have been handled today.

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alinsky obamaAmerica is divided along every line due to these elected officials sitting in Washington. I have heard about why that is – from community organizers to Alinsky principles to Coward and Pizzen: yes, that misspelling was intentional. I know the why and how it came to be; I watched it unfold slowly in my lifetime and accelerate here of late. It now comes down to what do we do about it, as it is obvious fools are now in charge.

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Awe at the stupidity of many Americans has me shake my head. Some Americans act as though this is a game; the underdog against the powerful, with liberals being the underdog. Comments posted all over news articles tell others to “get over it, he was elected by majority,” or “we won this, this is our time,” or “didn’t hear any of you complain so much with Bush.” Since when did a majority anything over-rule individual God-given rights? This is not a game to be won or lost; this is about the rest of Americans’ lives and the lives of our posterity. Plenty of people complained about things that Bush did; the news media was full of it. Funny thing now, the news media is silent over the numerous transgressions of this President and Congress.

It saddens me that the America I grew up loving and developing pride for has now been transformed into a country I don’t recognize and have become disconnected. The values I learned and those professed to be instilled in every American are gone; replaced with values to which I cannot relate or even comprehend. Americans have become slaves to the almighty dollar, not realizing that without freedom, their ability to make that dollar is threatened. I’ve heard it said that Americans are now a culture of “if it doesn’t affect my little world, I could care less” type of individual. For a majority, yes, I can see that it is. There are those who know where the road leads in the blinders on existence; they publish information daily to wake up America. In general, the masses who remain silent in essence consent to the loss of freedoms.

I am horrified that the Constitution is being kicked to the curb by people who are using its support of God-given rights to take those rights away from others. These people yell “free speech, religion and assembly” to support their ideals while trying to criminalize this “right” for those who disagree with them. They wrongly quote the Constitution as providing for the “separation of church and state” then ridicule someone who politely tries to educate them; they cite the First Amendment as that so-called “separation.” Those who do not understand the Constitution nor care about it are the ones who educate the masses on government and constitutional limits.

obamacare_13363I am frustrated that America is seduced by the promise of “free” anything; free healthcare, free benefits – free, free, free is all that is heard. Nothing in life is free. While it may not cost money, it costs something and possibly a price that is so hefty, had it been known in the beginning, no one would want to pay. Some Americans bought into the lie perpetrated by the Communists who touted everyone was equal and had the same thing. Yes, they all had the same level of poverty, starvation and lack of proper basic necessities including healthcare; those people also had no liberty, freedom or rights of any kind. But some Americans today would be totally satisfied with that if it meant “sticking it” to those whom they perceived have somehow oppressed the nation.

Americans have become worse than pre-schoolers playing on the playground. A few kids want to take their ball and go home because they don’t like the other kids’ wanting to make some rules; they have the ball so it’s their way or no one plays. No one ever gets everything they want or is able to make all the rules; but, who doesn’t want liberty, freedom, and happiness? The America that is seduced by “free” everything cares not for liberty, freedom or happiness. They happily give up their God-given rights to be able to play on the playground with the same kids who control everyone by threatening to take the ball away. If you’ve ever been bullied by someone else, you know the best way to combat that person is to stand up to them. But, a chunk of America has forgotten how to stand and goes along to get along.

For every action, there is an equal, opposite reaction. The exuberance of the “American king” and his followers is mirrored exactly by the heartbreak of those who celebrate freedom and liberty. Apathetic Americans are trying to just get by the best way they can without getting noticed. Heartbreak does not equate to giving up or backing down. Broken hearts tend to make one more determined as it will heal making one that much stronger. The joyous sounds of victory are always temporary just as it is with the agony of defeat.

The truthful realization is that everyone loses in a political game; politicians play political games with every issue including American lives. We have been relegated to voting for the lesser of two evils for quite some time: choosing an individual who would do the least damage. Now, we are relegated to voting for politicians who seek to destroy this country and its citizens. There are a handful in Washington who stand for freedom, but ask yourself what influence they have against this political machine driven by almost indistinguishable parties. Both parties seek to destroy any other whose platform speaks to patriotic Americans for fear of losing their self-appointed supremacy.

Statesmen, those who uphold freedoms and support individual God-given rights, are a thing of the past but their spirit remains alive and well among some Americans. While the Constitution may not be perfect, it’s limitation of government provides the people with the best chance of securing liberty, freedom and happiness. Many of us realize this and will continue to voice our support of it, will continue to uphold it and will continue to defend it.

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