From Homosexual “Marriage” to the Confederate Flag: The March to the North American Union

Today, we have just about every element in motion designed to destroy the sovereignty of the United States. There is the Supreme Court’s homosexual “marriage” ruling, the desire to ban the Confederate flag, illegal immigration, the war on Christianity, gun control, and socialized health care in the form of the Affordable Care Act. There are now millions unemployed, the war on coal, climate change, a debt into the trillions, economically degrading trade agreements, and a climate of political correctness designed to aid government propaganda and squelch any truth from the public in limiting free speech.

Aside from this, we now live under a socialist dictator who has shredded the constitution and rules over us, rather than serves us. We lost a democratic government in Washington the day the Patriot Act was signed into law. Since then, we now have indefinite detention and possible shooting of anyone suspected of terrorism in the form of NDAA, and the DHS, who was said to be a government agency totally formed to monitor and catch international terrorists. However, this turned out to be an agency that only scrutinizes American citizens and aids illegal immigrants in coming to the US, as well as NSA monitoring of all phone calls made by all Americans, having nothing to do with international terrorism. 

I could go on, but the bottom line is all this is happening in the US today because they believe all aspects of United States sovereignty must be destroyed in order to ring in the North American Union. 

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All of the trade agreements since NAFTA, the NAFTA Super Highway from Mexico to Canada through the US, national debt into the trillions—all of it is by intentional design: so the United States can be merged with Mexico and Canada.

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Many Americans believe the North American Union is only an idea that will never be implemented. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The NAU is the first step in the overall desire by the United Nations and globalists in the US to the New World Order vision, first proposed by George H. W. Bush in the 1990’s, shortly after the first Gulf War.

All the destruction of the traditional American values, lawlessness, the desire to wipe our history clean, etc., is the direct result of the Bush family’s desire to transform the US from freedom to fascism. 

Whether 9-11 was an inside job or not, it played right into the Bush vision of an NWO by allowing George W. to implement the Patriot Act, which, incidentally, opened the door for other anti-American laws such as NDAA, the continuous desire by the government to control the internet, and new agencies such as the DHS and TSA.

Not one single law or agency created under the guise of fighting terrorism has been used for that purpose. Instead, they are all used for monitoring and scrutinizing only American citizens and have nothing to do with international terrorists.

The continuous invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico and points south are meant to flood the US with people of different cultures and force us into accepting a new vision of America where the traditional white, Christian American is a thing of the past. The lawlessness is seen in hundreds of cities across the US, violating Federal law in harboring illegal aliens who are, by being here in the first place, criminals.

Today, we see the propaganda all the time from the mainstream media, in which we are continuously reminded that Jeb Bush is leading the Presidential polls. This despite the fact that, in reality, Jeb Bush isn’t liked by anyone. What this boils down to is media manipulation of the popularity of a chosen candidate where the powers that be have to have a particular candidate win the election.

Jeb Bush is the Crown Jewel of the Bush family that is to complete the visions of a NWO first proposed by his father.

It isn’t hard to believe that the Bush family could be so fascist when Grandfather Bush, former Senator Prescott Bush, was responsible for helping Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and financial aid to the Nazi party.

Thus, getting Jeb Bush into the White House is something that must be done to finalize the NWO vision.

Interestingly, it was under Jeb Bush’s governorship in Florida where we went from a failsafe paper ballot to the electronic balloting we have today. With computer balloting, manipulating the votes can be very easy and has been done, as seen in the 2005 Presidential elections. Here, John Kerry was seen as the landslide winner over George W. in every exit poll, yet, miraculously, Bush won that election. A clear example of manipulation of votes.

So, if we value traditional America, or what’s left of it by Election Day, we will not consider Jeb Bush. In electing another Bush, we would essentially be choosing the second rise of the Nazi party. 

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