From Forums to Focus Groups: Trump Tops Them All

Did you watch the candidate forum in New Hampshire? If you did, there should no longer be any question as to why Donald Trump is kicking everyone else’s butt, and he wasn’t even there.

He’s brave enough to speak his mind, without fear of consequence. He doesn’t care, or, at least, he doesn’t appear to care. What he says is not contrived – it’s not practiced or memorized talking points. It’s the opposite of everyone else.

All the others just sound phony. They may be much more knowledgeable – much more sincere – but no one cares. Just listen to the other candidates – all of them. Put your biases aside. I did.

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No one seems to care that The Donald has no specifics on any of his big plans. Presently, voters are buying attitude and attitude alone. It doesn’t even matter as much what he says – it’s how he says it. He makes people want to stand up and say, Yeah – You Get Um!

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How is he going to secure the border? He says he’s going to build a huge wall. How is he going to do it? I don’t know – nor does anyone else, Trump included. But it doesn’t matter. He says it with an attitude that people believe. If Trump says he’s going to do something, it will get done.

And Donald Trump speaks English. No, not the Queen’s English, or English from an Ivy League law school, but flawed, every-man English.

Frank Luntz conducted a focus group in New Hampshire a few days ago. One woman piped up. She was a diehard Trump supporter. She said, “the other Republicans better stop making fun of him [Trump], because they made fun of Ronald Reagan…” A man behind her started in, saying the Trump is not who he says he is. “People have not done their homework on Donald Trump. Look at his books. He’s been all over the fence on his views over the years. He changes his views like he changes his underwear.”

Okay, that is significant, but not as significant as what came after. This is the key to Trump’s support and to his supporters. It’s what came next, and most people missed it initially. Just as the gentleman completed his underwear comment – in the background, off mic, we heard the woman who was just speaking in support of Trump. Her comeback to the man’s “changing views” comment was: “I Don’t Care!” They then put the mic back on her where she reiterated: “I Don’t Care!” It was as if she had TTS, Trump Tourette Syndrome. She just couldn’t help herself. She felt compelled to defend her candidate.

It was easy to initially miss the comment, as it was barely audible. I’m happy she got a chance to repeat it for all to hear. But it was the most significant thing that was said all evening. Trump’s Supporters Don’t Care! They don’t care that he was in favor of universal health care, or he was ever so soft on the border. They don’t care what his previous positions were or that he thought Romney was too conservative. Yes – Romney.

Heck, Newsmax even posted an article entitled: “15 Things Trump and Reagan Have in Common.” Well, Reagan and Trump have nothing in common. Check that. There is one thing. They speak (spoke) like regular guys.

It bears repeating that The Donald doesn’t sound slick, or polished, or practiced. There is the occasional “um” and “uh” thrown in as he gathers his thoughts. People can tell it’s not memorized or practiced. It appears to be genuine and from the heart. And it may be for now – until he changes his positions again.

Even my man Ted Cruz sounds like a politician compared to Trump. It’s because Cruz is too sharp. He never slips up. There’s no hesitation in his speech. He sounds too polished – therefore too slick. Cruz’s intelligence and skill will most certainly serve him well in the debates, but he’ll have to dumb it down to get the traction he desires.

Chris Christie is supposed to be the new “straight talker,” with his “tell it like it is” slogan, but people see it’s just a slogan. It’s all memorized and practiced. That’s obvious when you hear him. He spouts the same talking points at every gathering. It’s phony and people can tell.

Even when the rest of them attempt to show emotion, it looks and sounds phony. It’s like they’re reading “show some emotion” on a cue card.

The fact is that, like the Democrats, the Republican intelligentsia can’t seem to figure Trump out. They can’t figure out why the voters aren’t falling this time for the same tired old formula or political line of crap. But for us out here in flyover country – outside the Beltway – it’s easy.

1: Fire all your high-priced consultants – the ones who tell you what to say and how to say it. They are worthless.

2: Stop trying to sound like the smartest guy in the room.

3: Knock off the measured speech. Speak your mind and enough of the talking points.

4: Don’t be afraid of the consequences.

5: People are mad as hell with both sides of the aisle. Madder than I’ve seen them in my lifetime – and rightly so. Match that intensity.

If you can do these things, in my opinion, you’ll have a chance. If you are unable, then you’re just another politician and don’t stand a chance. Get out and spare us all.

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