Fringe Extreme Anti-Constitutionalists Are Like Aggressive Dogs

After much debate on whether or not to pen this piece, the result is obvious. As the new owner of an eight-month-old rescue puppy, the need for obedience training, also owner training, was desirable because she needed to learn a few manners. She loves everyone so is a little wild child when company visits trying to lick everyone in the face and “give love” – what the household terms as “positive” behavioral issues. During one of the group sessions, where the eight-pound eight-month-old weighed about one-tenth of her other classmates, the trainer relayed a story that is pertinent to what is happening between the fringe, extreme anti-constitutionalists, who essentially want “whichever way the wind blows” laws, and constitutionalists.

The trainer, a 13-year military veteran who worked with the canine units during his service, saves dogs from being euthanized and helps save rescue dogs with negative behavioral issues from returning to shelters, possibly never attaining a permanent home. As an aside, his techniques work as the “wild child” is much more subdued in the presence of company, listening to the commands of “get down”, “sit,” and “stay” and she is very calm in the group – she is learning correct behavior with positive reinforcement and positive consequences. The one case he relayed to the class involved a pit bull with aggressive behavioral issues that would “turn on” unexpectedly. He placed the dog in the room with him and a chair then waited for the dog to be aggressive. While never saying what exactly transpired between him and the dog, he told the class, “You cannot have a conversation with someone who is slapping you in the face.” Dog training involves a conversation, verbal and nonverbal, between owner or “person” and the dog. If the dog is not in the frame of mind to listen to the conversation, no amount of “talking” to the dog will make a difference. In the end, the trainer rehabilitated the aggressive pit bull and placed the dog in a good home. The dog has thrived since.

Now, to be clear, fringe, extreme anti-constitutionalists are not being called “dogs” here. Their behavior is being compared to an aggressive behavior in a dog – when the dog is being aggressive, the dog will never hear “sit, stay, down.” It’s the same with the fringe extreme anti-constitutional citizens of this republic who embrace lawlessness and ignoring the Constitution as the law of the land governing this republic. Constitutionalists nor cooler heads can even talk with these individuals because they are not in the frame of mind to hear the conversation.

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They are “turned on” to act in a certain manner by whatever stimulus, situation, or “command” received from someone else dictated. The result is these individuals “turn on” without any provocation (stimulus, situation, or command) at anything, anyone, everything and everyone. Like the formerly aggressive pit bull in the example, without even being threatened, they turn aggressive. In this state of mind, these individuals will not respond to reasonable measures. Like an aggressive animal, unable to be controlled by its owner, who allowed the animal to engage in the unwanted behavior by not knowing how to stop it, the behavior continues to escalate, becoming more aggressive, until drastic measures are needed to quell the behavior. In dogs, if the behavior cannot be quelled and the dog rehabilitated, euthanasia is the remaining solution.

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There can be multiple debates on how this republic devolved into this state, who is responsible, where we go from here and what can be done. But, remember, it matters not how we got here or who is responsible. It matters where we go and what is to be done; but, that cannot be accomplished with the current behavior of the fringe, extreme anti-constitutionalists. With their frame of mind and behavior, a conversation cannot occur while they are busy “slapping you in the face.”

All levels of government have become dysfunctional. No longer are governments, local, State and federal, functioning according to their purpose – secure the God-given unalienable individual rights of citizens. Ideology has replaced law. Governments have relinquished their authority to secure unalienable individual rights in favor of promoting ideologies and protecting only those citizens whose rights government determines worth protecting, including pretended rights such as harassing, stalking and trespassing being labeled as “free speech”; but, it is only so for those citizens who promote the ideology and lawlessness of the government. As the fringe extreme anti-constitutionalists “evolve” in their behavior, government devolves in a reciprocating fashion. Conversations cannot be held with either.

Recently, two articles appeared at Freedom Outpost regarding the united States heading towards another civil war: here and here. And, no, the measures being spoken about in this article are not a call to take up arms and march against anyone spraying bullets. Civil war is the euthanasia equivalent in the beginning anecdote. Enough said about it.

At this point, the fringe extreme anti-constitutional individuals in this republic are redeemable; things have not gotten that far out of hand – yet. But, to engage these individuals in a conversation, one has to get their attention and place these individuals in a frame of mind to listen. The way to do that is to push for those citizens of the fringe extreme anti-constitutional persuasion who break the law to be held accountable to the law. This includes politicians, department heads, judiciary members and others who have operated with impunity thus far. It may mean holding accountable lamestream enemedia “talking heads” and “Silicone Barbies” for inciting violence for broadcasting and printing false news stories. Yes, freedom of the press is a recognized, guaranteed, protected right; however, spreading false news to incite violence is not. A good example of this is the cover of Time magazine and the numerous false stories of that one child being pulled kicking and screaming from her mother’s arms. It is this one story that has led to the fringe extreme anti-constitutionalists setting up tents outside an ICE facility in Portland, Oregon, barring anyone from entering or leaving. This is not peaceful protest.

When many citizens in this republic support criminals, support the import of foreign criminals into our republic and support and condone criminal behavior of their like-minded citizens who commit the crimes, there is a very dangerous element brewing in our midst. It is a danger that must be met head-on, using the law, holding those who refuse to enforce the law accountable, and those who break the law charged with crimes.

Yes, many American citizens are just trying to get by the best way they can to feed and clothe their families, pay their bills, and hold down a job or two. However, there comes a time when one has to decide what is more important – money or freedom. There is nothing wrong with providing for one’s family; it is what we are commanded to do by God. But, no one can take care of their family when their freedom to do so is removed.

Now, what is meant by that last statement? If you do not have the right to live, you cannot provide for your family. If you do not have the freedom to live without government interference (pursuit of happiness), you cannot provide for your family. If you do not have the freedom to live peacefully, you cannot provide for your family. Looking over one’s shoulder wondering who knows what about you (politically speaking), whether an angry mob is going to camp upon your doorstep, or whether your children are safe from harassment or harm does not allow one to provide for one’s family. If you cannot exercise the right to protect your family, you cannot provide for your family. When you lose freedom, you lose many of the things that allow you to provide for your family. And, providing for one’s family is not limited to making money.

When banks refuse to conduct business with firearms retailers and manufacturers, how long before these banks refuse to do business with firearms owners? When retailers refuse to provide goods and services to those politicians with whom they disagree, how long before they deny employment to those with whom they politically disagree? When a local municipality enacts ordinances to disparage firearms retailers, how long before it enacts ordinances to disparage firearm owners? Likewise, municipalities that control necessities, such as water, sewerage, electricity and the like, could begin to issue ordinances disparaging those citizens who do not hold to their ideology. All of this would hinder your freedom to provide for your family.

Remember, government has devolved from protecting God-given unalienable individual rights through upholding and enforcing law to promoting and protecting ideology. Look not to the government to hold those accountable who fire you for your politics, refuse you banking services or enact ordinances against you.

The current climate in this republic amounts to the aggressive behavior of a dog. Unchallenged and unrestricted, it grows to the point of being out of control, unable to be quelled. The aggressive dog wants what it wants – to take a bite out of someone or neutralize that someone by any means. It doesn’t know why or know any consequences for doing so. It reacts even when it may mean its own destruction. This is the exact behavior of the fringe extreme anti-constitutionalist: they want what they want without knowing the consequences. They react even when doing so may mean their own destruction.

The law is not being upheld because no one is pushing back hard enough at all levels to make sure the law is upheld. The aggressive dog is not being disciplined or disciplined appropriately by the handler or owner.

Even though the trainer did not say what happened and while it may be distasteful to some, the assumption was made that the dog received in kind what it was dishing out. In order to save the dog, the trainer had to first confront the dog on its terms and succeed in placing the dog in a state to engage in a conversation. The result speaks for itself – the dog was saved from euthanasia.

While many may find it distasteful, it is time for the citizen militia to regain its rightful place and purpose – to ensure the laws are upheld and enforced, the God-given individual unalienable rights of all are protected, and those who break the law are held accountable, through constitutional means. Failure to regain the rule of law may bring to this republic something much more distasteful. That statement you can take to mean what you will. But, whether it be citizens against citizens or the loss of law resulting in enslavement, both are more distasteful than the measures needed to regain the rule of law.

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