With Friends Like Neil Cavuto, Who Needs Chris Matthews?

Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on “Your World w/Neil Cavuto” Wednesday, as she took time out from a hectic schedule almost entirely devoted to voting on Obama’s executive funding.

One assumes that Cavuto invited Bachmann to appear on his show, but a rude host he turned out to be, having a meltdown of anger that I doubt he would have dared direct at House Speaker John Boehner, or anyone else, under similar circumstances.

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One might have predicted things wouldn’t go so well. While Cavuto’s “Kumbaya” attitude is well known, his naïve “Common Sense” segment featured the deep, contemplative theme: “Sometimes things are what they are.”

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“Sometimes things are what they are. You can argue about how they got to be what they are, but they still are, aren’t they? So whether it’s Dick Cheney blaming President Obama for this Iraq mess, or Democrats blaming Cheney and his old boss…does that make Iraq any less of a mess?”

He goes on to talk about the VA scandal and the immigration crisis while repeatedly telling both sides (Republicans and Democrats) to “shut up,” “fix them up,” and “talk.”

Certainly we feel his frustration, but the fact that Republicans have been outfoxed; in addition to not being able to get any legislation out of the House for six years is not a fact to be thrown aside lightly. Also a fact that shouldn’t be discarded lightly is Michele Bachmann’s repeated cries to the wind that Obama has been “rewriting the Constitution,” abusing his power, and not respecting the law.

Indeed Bachmann has been talking about suing “King Obama” since his State of the Union speech, saying:

“If he wants to move forward with this unilateral activity, he’d better be prepared for the lawsuit that the United States Congress will bring.”

Bachmann has also been very vocal about impeaching the president, stating that her constituents constantly ask why impeachment proceedings have not begun.

Discussing Speaker Boehner’s professed intent to sue the president in order to “compel the president to follow his oath of office and faithfully execute the laws of our country;” Cavuto turned into a Tasmanian devil tornado, attacking Bachmann in a rambling rant:

“If the issue is one side or the other abusing his authority, maybe someone should get to work on to the underlying problems that some feel the other side is usurping from it, but we’ve spent too much time arguing ‘Oh we shouldn’t have done that, oh we’re this…we’re going to indict you on this, we’re going to go back and forth.’ Fix whatever’s wrong right now instead of dragging the other side to court.”

He went on to say:

“It just seems to me there’s so much wrong here. It’s this finger pointing, its drag your ass to court, we’re gonna do this, just do something!”

Bachmann tries to respond, stating what she believes Congress can do, but Cavuto yells, “Why didn’t you do it?” She tries to answer again and he yells, “Why now? Explain that congresswoman, why now? Why now after all this time?…Now someone just woke up and said ‘Oh, I’ve got an idea, lets sue.'”

Bachmann admits she doesn’t know why Boehner chose now, but Bachmann was hardly the right person to lay into with scathing rebukes of non-action.

Without letting her reply, Cavuto chastised Bachmann like a small child, telling her to “think about what she was saying” and accused her of “conflating issues and being silly,” then told her “I think Democrats would be in their right mind to laugh at you right now.”

Left wing loonies have run with Cavuto’s ammunition, with websites like Occupy Democrats applauding him for taking the “Tea Party darling” to task for her “Obama-Derangement-Syndrome.”

The Progressive propaganda slime sheet Huffington Post declared, “Neil Cavuto has had it with Michele Bachmann.” Like the true liberal sexists they are, they said Bachmann begged for a minute to speak in a “high pitch tone.” The top comment under the Post story read “When Fox laughs at you and cuts to commercial in mid-sentence, you pretty much know you’re finished politically. Thanks for sticking that fork in her Neil!”

Before cutting her off, Bachmann tried to explain to Cavuto “What’s very important is the president trying to establish lawlessness in the United States. That’s a big issue.” Cavuto responded, “George Bush did the same Congresswoman.”

Regardless of people’s views on the Bush administration, we aren’t in Kansas anymore. Obama’s Socialist takeover of the United States and his tyrannical power grab has taken us to a place beyond our imagination just six years ago.

Rep. Michele Bachmann has often been a voice crying in the wilderness; and the liberal piling on has been second only to the defaming of Sarah Palin. Yet the following night, Cavuto defended his attack on her, showing video clips designed to prove he “blows up” at other people.

The first clip was a harsh exchange with whack-job liberal Rep. Earl Blumenauer, the foe of oil companies who wears his Agenda 21 green bicycle pin to proudly to promote bicycle commuting to save the planet. He was also a co-sponsor of a bill proposed to fine gun owners $10,000 if they didn’t purchase liability insurance.

His second example was his tête-à-tête with Rep. Peter Welch, a Democrat from Vermont who, along with 40 other Democrats, led the charge demanding BP oil end its dividends and stop advertising.

His third example of excoriating a guest was yet another Democrat, Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida who proposed the Pay for Performance Act; a bill to ban bonuses and excessive compensation for any employee at any firm benefiting from government bailout dollars.

Ultimately, Cavuto only proved his treatment of Bachmann was similar to that he’d inflicted on flaming liberals; hardly a company she should be in.

Cavuto’s baseless attack should have been directed toward one of the establishment RINO’s that have enabled Obama’s madness instead of someone who has consistently called him out at every turn. If Cavuto wants Chris Matthews job, perhaps he should transfer to MSNBC.

Susan D. Harris can be reached at http://susandharris.com/

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