Marine Veteran Blasts Anti-Troop Rhetoric In Alternative Media

Joel Campbell, a retired United States Marine Corps veteran, sent in this piece. He’s got a real issue with Infowars and Alex Jones over an article they have had up at their site. On this Memorial Day, we’re going to let Campbell vent at the anti-troop rhetoric posted at by Jessie Richard of TVNewsLies, in which he writes, “No member of the US military contributes in any way whatsoever to protecting the freedoms of the American people.”

On August 8, 2011 Infowars posted an article titled Our Troops Do NOT Protect Our Freedom And We Should Stop Thanking Them For Doing So and it has been up ever since.

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Alex has shown us his true colors by allowing this article to be put on his site. While it appears at first glance that some of this article posted by Alex might appear true, it appears more like communist agenda/rhetoric to me. I hope you have seen the movie “the Agenda grinding America down”! If you have not it is on our are site and YouTube. I suggest you watch it! Anyhow, I can not help but want to pick this garbage article apart. We have confirmed the individuals responsible for Writing this article that appears on Infowars was written by people with ties to Communists, Socialists, and Hamas (jihad) supporters!

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Lie #1 located paragraph 1 sentence 1

“No member of the US military contributes in any way whatsoever to protecting the freedoms of the American people.”

Where and what situation do you or any other American think that their families would be in if those brave men and women were not fighting the jihad bent Muslims who literally believe that any non-Muslim is their slave?

Lie #2 paragraph 1 sentence 2

“They are more likely to turn their weapons on you than they are to defend your Constitutional rights.”

Really? Any American who would fall for this outright B.S. needs to seek professional help! This statement says these brave men and women, risking life and limb against our enemies, who very much did participate in the 9-11 attacks, the 93 WTC bombings (which narrowly missed killing my uncle), the marine barracks bombing in Lebanon, numerous hi-jackings of aircraft, murdering and kidnapping many American citizens……… That these sons and daughters of America, would come home and turn their weapons on us their families, friends, countrymen, and fellow veterans is absolutely nuts!

Lie #3 Paragraph 2 sentence 1

“The only people on this planet Earth who can affect your freedom are members of Congress, local legislators and the members of enforcement institutions who will blindly follow the rulers who sign their paychecks.”

Another lie that says you, and any other citizen have no say about your very own freedom! This is blatantly false, and can be proven by any citizen merely opening there mouth and speaking out against what they see as being wrong with anything they choose! You’ve gotta love the God given right to have a voice, aka Free Speech! You, as an individual, can affect your freedom more so than any other individual on the planet with education, action, and if need be the Second Amendment.

Lie #4 paragraph 2 sentence 2

“And, while your beloved troops are murdering people around the globe, yes, I said murdering.”

So, what this says to me is that commies are now trying to skew the meaning of self defense. I was in the USMC, and know that the rules of engagement require being shot at before you, as a U.S. service man or woman, are allowed to return fire. So, again I see a skewed lie, and/or half truth B.S. While I do not agree going into Iraq was right or justified, there are only a few formerly and currently in the upper echelon’s who bear responsibility for the lies that led us there. However, Afghanistan is completely justifiable.

Anyhow, I have just destroyed the BS rhetoric that this article starts with, and stands on! I do not feel I need to go any further, all though I could! True American Values, and a little discernment allow the true patriot to see right through this garbage. This is nothing new for Jones. He has also whitewashed the truth about J.T. Ready, a self avowed National Socialist (Nazi), calling him a patriot!

This piece by Jesse Richard is garbage, and I urge you to send it straight to the incinerator.

For our veterans, we thank you for your service.

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