Freedom Cannot Rely On Liars & Thieves…& Dupes

A statement has been released, endorsed by 134 scientists attached to an organization called International Climate Science Coalition, along with a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, stating the facts that Global Warming is not driven by green house gases, nor does any human activity have enough of an impact on the climate to justify any of the massive spending by governments across the globe. Hallelujah and pass the eggnog!

This comes at a crucial time when the UN (using our tax dollars) has put on the circus in Doha, Qatar last week. Within the statement are these assertions:

  • “there has been no statistically significant global warming for almost 16 years. During this period…carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations rose by nearly 9%…Global warming that has not occurred cannot have caused the extreme weather of the past few years.”
  • “Whether, when and how atmospheric warming will resume is unknown. The science is unclear.”
  • “The hypothesis that our emissions of CO2 have caused, or will cause, dangerous warming is not supported by the evidence.”

In spite of the facts, our government just goes marching along into cap and trade hell with the help of global corporations….among them Exxon Mobil:

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“Exxon Mobil Corp is part of a growing coalition backing a carbon tax as an alternative to costly regulation, giving new found prominence to an idea once anathema in Washington.”

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The really disgusting and upsetting thing is the Republicans, trying to get on the gravy train and the “good” side of media, are looking to jump right in and sell your souls and mine. Redstate reports:

“How could a carbon tax be passed in a Republican-dominated House? A carbon tax combined with reduced corporate income tax rates may appeal not only to liberals and moderates, but also to some muddle-headed and panicky conservatives. Ken Green, an environmental specialist at the American Enterprise Institute adds that part of the appeal to the House majority may be a chance to “green up the conservative brand.”

Excuse me but “greening up the conservative brand” is not what conservatives have in mind. To say the least, conservative are definitely done with lying, thieving Republicans.

A few years back I tried to explain to someone why the oceans are not going to overtake the land because of global warming, i.e. that global warming was not caused by CO2 and that the volume of water on the planet has been the same since the existence of the planet. Yes, the planet shifts around, earthquakes happen, the rains come and go, etc., but this was not our fault. The person with whom I was speaking was of the opinion that the glaciers were melting because America is such a bad country, ruining the earth. Oh, and she said those people in government telling us this “were smarter than we are, so they must know.” That was the extent of her defense of liberal views. As I recall, at the time I was trying to explain to her why the ban on incandescent light bulbs was a scam and that using those CFL’s was not going to make a tinker’s damn’s worth of difference to the planet. In fact, I gave her lots of facts proving my point. It didn’t matter. She would not listen. Sometime shortly after that, she phoned me to say she never wanted to speak to me again because she loved Obama so much.

Now we are a few years later and Barack Obama hasn’t managed to train the oceans to his commands. There has been no global warming for the past 16 years, in spite of China and India cranking up the engines of manufacturing.

Time marches on. The real question is when will the liberals / leftists let go of the lies on this issue of climate? When does the media indoctrination of sheeple-people, like the person I mentioned in the first paragraph, finally stop? When does the American public school system catch up with the science and start teaching critical thinking based on factual information and scientific facts?

It isn’t funny anymore!

I have compassion for any poor schnook getting duped by a liar. (I have had that happen to myself a couple of times in my life on a smaller personal level and it isn’t fun. Probably most people have been scammed in some way during their lifetimes.) The lying usually involves stealing something. Think of the Bernie Maddoff scam or just anyone who gets sucked into a program of lies. Lies wreck lives, waste personal energy, waste economic security, and generally suck the life out of people. But when entire sovereign nations go on a rampage of lying in order to tax and regulate commercial enterprise, all based on a complete fiction that was made up within the dark recesses of the United Nations, I think we have reached a bridge too far. That of course, is an understatement.

I wonder what would have happened if the British had told the tea manufacturers that they better get on board with them to promote taxing the tea or the British government would regulate them out of business and take their profits. I don’t know for certain that didn’t happen, now that I think of it. Someone had to collect the taxes. Was it the tea manufacturers, or retailers at the point of sale? I really don’t know. No matter, the people stood up and said to the British government, “We are not going to allow you to tax us any more!” Voilá! The revolution began. Was the general public smarter then? Or was it all just so obvious, no one had to sift through layers and layers of lies to figure it out? At least at that time, the taxing was blatantly for the benefit of the British royalty. There were no stupid shenanigans about how this taxing is good for the planet and will save the world for future generations. People understood that they were being economically deprived in order to prop up their own enslavement to the British. Today, the same is true in the United States, but the government hands out enough money to prop up some segments of society to make it look like it isn’t just the government elite raking it in. The whole thing is an illusion. If you use the British example, the royals set up a few charities to make it all seem chic and hip and oh so nice to give them money. (They do that, too, just to stay in good graces with the public.) Well folks, that is what our government has done. They have set up some programs to gratify certain segments and then sell that to the public as a public relations campaign.

How far we have come! “Progress”, as Barack Obama likes to say, means taxes. His game face lies are cloaked in warm and fuzzy entreaties like “fairness, climate change, social justice,” and the like. You have to give the guy credit. He is lying and stealing as fast as he can. In fact, the lying and stealing goes way beyond the White House, but he is setting a precedent for history’s sake.

We could deal with an occasional Maddoff. It’s tragic and the consequences are terrible for those who got hit. But you do have to say a situation like that is a lesson to the rest of us. The other thing is that an occasional Maddoff can be prosecuted, jailed, and pay the consequences of the public crime. Still, the victims never recoup the losses in entirety. In the end, crimes of fraud and theft are crimes. What about politicians lying about “Climate Change?” They have become no better than the lowest liars and thieves in our midst. The level of lying and thievery has reached monumental heights, scamming the public in ways and depths only imagined by the tyrants of the past.

Back to the person who thinks the government is “smarter than we are,” it seems we are finding out the government isn’t smarter at all, but is infinitely more corrupt. We could also deal with an occasional “useful idiot.” But we can’t deal with millions of them, especially if they vote. That person has been cloned by the public school system and the media, driven by government liars and thieves. I look back at 1930’s Germany and wonder if we haven’t reached the same level of indoctrination. Actually, I don’t wonder. I fear we have reached the point of the Weimar Republic when the whole thing just starts going off the rails.

I do know that there were British loyals in American society before and during the American revolution. But to have that revolution, there had to have been enough freedom loving people willing to step up and go through hell to put the British out of power. There must not have been enough of those folks in Germany prior to and during Hitler’s reign of power.

Are there enough of us in America willing to expose the lies and theft in order to protect freedom for the next generation? When the UN proposes the U.S. Federal government should sacrifice economic liberty and throttle the freedoms we were guaranteed as American citizens, are there enough Americans who will stand against their own Federal government today?

I guess we’ll see. I can tell you for certain, we can’t count on the person who told me they loved Obama so much.

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