Is Fox News Pushing Political Correctness?

Recently, on October 6, while listening more than watching Fox News, I saw a new face and did not catch the name of the commentator but the commentator was reporting on a dust-up caused by Chris Powell, managing editor (at least for now) of the Journal Inquirer in Connecticut. Evidently Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer was addressing the issue of the dwindling hard copy home delivery newspaper subscriptions.

I had a paper route when I was a kid. I delivered a great regional paper called the Fitchburg Sentinel in Massachusetts. I made three cents a copy wading through snow banks up to my butt and learned many of life’s important lessons that winter. Jump forward a half century or so and we have the Internet and instant communications in a variety of modes and a deep and abiding (and very justified) mistrust of virtually everything flowing through the sewer pipe of major “news” (propaganda) sources. So, the statement “newspaper subscriptions are declining rapidly,” is truly not “news” to anyone with a body temperature above thirty seven degrees Celsius, or a voting Democrat (body temp not required).

But evidently Chris Powell, being engaged in journalism as a career, is blessed with a respectable command of the English language. His comment was:

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But newspapers cannot sell themselves to households headed by single women who have several children by different fathers, survive on welfare stipends, can hardly speak or read English, move every few months to cheat their landlords, barely know what town they’re living in, and couldn’t afford a newspaper subscription even if they could read.

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Now the demographics of Connecticut are about average with about one quarter of the population claiming to belong to some ethnic minority and just over sixty percent being between eighteen and sixty-four. Based on my vast experience in the newspaper distribution business, I would have to assume that Chris Powell was referring to the inner city as opposed to the more spread out (and often more affluent) suburban areas.

If you have never done so, I recommend that you take a tour of the inner city area of the nearest truly big city. I am not necessarily recommending a walking tour, but you could drive slowly and make an effort to hit every stop light so that you have time to really look around and truly see the reality of almost every major city in this country; a place I have heard referred to as “Entitlement Land”.

Then ask yourself if Chris Powell was being “cruel” as suggested by the talking head on the Fox News Channel or was he doing what responsible journalists are supposed to do: reporting what they see in clear and unabridged terms.

“Political Correctness” is brain washing and what the mental health professionals call “enabling behavior”. 

One of my half dozen sisters is almost a foot shorter than I and about one person heavier than I.  She is not “big boned” or “heavy.” She is “fat” and diabetic. She does not have “a medical condition” that makes her “heavy” – she has a medical condition called diabetes because she is overweight and sedentary. And when we are together – generally at family gatherings – I lovingly refer to her as “Bubble-Butt.” Cruel? Surely some folks would think so, and some members of my family have made comments to that effect.  And I could care less. Because when we are together my sister whom I love dearly stays away from all those wonderful foods that she loves to cook. Tough Love.

“Political Correctness” is mental conditioning.

Think about the elephants at the circus. They are staked out via an anklet and a chain attached to a stake in the ground that a child on a “Hot Wheels” could pull from the ground yet this huge animal that can pick up entire trees does not resist the restraint. And why is that? It is because when they were just little critters that stake in the ground was sufficient to keep them from wandering off.

Such is the nature of “Political Correctness.”

We are being constantly conditioned not to say, do, or even think anything that might remotely offend anyone anywhere for any reason whatsoever.
In other words, we are being carefully conditioned to become the Eloy of the Morlock Elite.

Had I written the script for the talking head on the Fox News Channel, I might have referred to Chris Powell’s comments as “…a scathing indictment of our society in general and our inner cities in particular; I definitely would not have referred to his embarrassingly accurate reporting as being “cruel.”

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