Is Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates Doing His “Duty” in New Book?

The political universe is all a twitter over the former secretary of defense, Robert Gates’s new book, “Duty.”

Bret Baier of Fox news described the book as a, “scathing criticism of President Obama,” questioning “the president’s leadership and commitment to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars…”

Evidently, there are several revelations in the Gates book. One, he recounts as a private meeting between him, Hillary Clinton and Obama, where “Hillary told the president that her opposition to the 2007 surge in Iraq was purely political…”

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He continued, “The president conceded vaguely that his opposition to the Iraq surge had been political.”

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Gates wrote, “To hear the two of them making the admissions, and in front of me, was a surprising as it was dismaying.”

Charles Krauthammer then explained that Obama doesn’t believe in the war, yet sends 30,000 more troops into battle and then immediately announces withdrawal plans. He hates Hamid Karzai, didn’t believe in General Petraeus and thinks the war isn’t his. Krauthammer then asks, “How could a commander-in-chief, in good conscience, do that?”

Gates further writes that he believes President Obama to be “a man of personal integrity,” and “I never doubted Obama support of the troops, only in support of their mission.”

He also criticized Joe Biden’s leadership ability.

So what do we make of this “bombshell,” tell all book by the former secretary of defense? In my opinion, it is much ado about nothing.

Questioning Joe Biden’s leadership or intelligence isn’t exactly a bombshell. Biden is an idiot, who has never been right about anything, domestically or internationally for as long as I can remember; going all the way back to when he and his fellow liberals were birthing cattle over Ronald Reagan’s insistence on placing missiles in Europe pointed at the USSR. They were sure that that fool Reagan would start World War III.

Now, regarding the criticism of our war hardened organizer in chief: is anyone really surprised that Obama, as Krauthammer described, didn’t think the war was his? That his only concern was withdrawal? I’m certainly not.

He denies ownership of anything he doesn’t care for, or that goes bad, in his eyes. All liberals do that. Heck, I’m half expecting him to come out this year, and claim Obamacare wasn’t his idea.

I did, however, have a laugh over Krauthammer’s line regarding the Commander-in-Chief being of good conscience. I’m not sure he has one, good or bad. The “personal integrity” line also warranted a chuckle.

For Gates to say that Obama loves the troops, just not the mission, is a sick joke. Who is the one sending these troops to die and be dismembered on these missions he so dislikes?

I find it interesting that Gates is now being treated as some blood and guts hero – standing up to the administration – some new friend of the right and just.

It didn’t take guts to write this book now. Real guts would have been to resign his position as these political hacks revealed their true colors to him. Real guts would have been to come forward years ago with this information.

But why do that when one can rake in the bucks by waiting to release the book?

What is more revealing to me is the surprised reaction by the pundit class. We conservatives have been telling this story since before the 2008 election, other than the whole “Obama loves the troops” bit, which is crap.

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