I have never been one to hate banks. I understand basic economics with my small business mind and understand the role of banks in the scope of things. However, I have had the unfortunate education these past few years of seeing the bigger picture of how global bankers are manipulating governments (and vice versa) to some very bad ends. My education on this subject began with the book, "The Creature From Jeckyll Island by G. Edward Griffith". A whole new perspective emerged. That, plus reading some history on banking collusion with governments, and henceforth I carry the mark of the disillusioned skeptic forevermore.

Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss. But I remind myself that ignorance is the tool of power brokers in all sectors. Then I waffle back to wishing I didn't know some things in order to recapture bliss. Alas...back and forth between wishful thinking and reality.

Does it even matter who is President of the United States when it comes to monetary / economic policy? Who is really driving this bus? The history of economic expansions and retractions is something to hold in awe. The groundwork laid for constant turmoil... Hayek and Keynes forever locked in battle over money policies.

Anyway, discussing this and other issues with a friend recently reminded me of the source of my angst on this and all other issues. It's the Constitution, Stupid. Or rather, I should say, "It is the trashing of the Constitution, Stupid!" None of this needs to be happening. The firewall, our Constitution, is ignored and shredded by government officials and bankers. Is money policy the crux of all of our ills? Probably a huge part of it. Money used to inject bad ideologies into our lives, ideologies that are unConstitutional. Bad ideologies converging with bad money policies and what do you have? Corruption and poverty. All avoidable.

Thought you might like this video on the European Crisis.

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