Florida Catches Planned Parenthood Doing 2nd Trimester Abortions

It doesn’t matter what happens, liberal sheep will continue to believe that Planned Parenthood (PP) is above reproach. This latest revelation should make that a little harder, though.

Shortly after the first Planned Parenthood undercover videos came out, Florida began investigating the PP facilities in their state.

At the time, Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) had this to say about the investigation:

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“The videos coming out about Planned Parenthood are deeply troubling to say the least. It is against the law for any organization to sell body parts. I asked AHCA Secretary Liz Dudek to begin immediately dispatching staff from their licensure office to evaluate the 16 Planned Parenthood offices in Florida that perform abortion procedures to ensure they are in full compliance with the law. If a Planned Parenthood office is not following the law, we will move quickly to take legal and regulatory action against them. We hold our healthcare organizations in Florida to the highest standards of safety and we expect them to fully comply with the law at all times.”

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The liberal media in Florida was incredulous, but it did not take long for the government in Florida to figure out that something fishy was going on at the abortion factory. The government’s investigators have just released their preliminary report and they’ve found some very disturbing things. The Tampa Bay Times reports that after inspecting all 16 of Florida’s Planned Parenthood clinics, the state was confirming that 3 of them had broken the law, and a fourth had not been properly handling their record keeping procedures.

After inspecting all 16 Planned Parenthood clinics in Florida, the state Agency for Health Care Administration announced Wednesday that three have performed procedures outside the scope of their licenses and one has not kept proper records on disposing fetal remains.

“We will take immediate actions against these three facilities for performing second trimester abortions without a proper license,” AHCA spokesperson Shelisha Coleman said in a written statement Wednesday. “These facilities have been notified to immediately cease performing second trimester abortions.”

Clinics in St. Petersburg, Fort Myers and Naples were cited for performing abortions in the second trimester that they are not licensed to do.

A Pembroke Pines clinic was cited for improper record-keeping.

The real problem continues to be the fact that our nation allows people to legally murder their own children. However, if we can slow the rate of murders in our nation – that must be considered a win. So we should continue to support the efforts of anyone willing to unmask the evil that is Planned Parenthood.


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