My uncle, Dr. James White, Jr, is quite an accomplished fellow. He has provided health care services across America for over 4 decades, and served with distinction in the US Army for over 10 years. A fact that I just learned today is that he was honorably discharged 4 times while in service of our country. You can see a copy of his Resume’ by clicking HERE.

Recently, he was asked to visit a healthcare facility in Glendale, AZ to see if he could assist them with some healthcare needs for children. What he discovered is an industry set-up to house the countless illegals who have recently flooded our southern border, specifically minor children. In the interview, Dr. White also shares the plans for expansion that this organization revealed to him during his visit. Dr. White is concerned about the potential for a coming healthcare crisis, more specifically, an infectious disease outbreak. In addition to all of this, Dr. White shares his thoughts on Detroit, a place that he got to know intimately while serving 14 years as the Executive Director of Healthcare for the Homeless. You can hear the full interview by clicking below.

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