Flight MH370: Scenario Sixty-Seven

Everyone this side of the grave seems to have a theory as to what may have happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and where that plane may be; intact or otherwise.

I don’t.

Many people are aware of the fact that I have friends in many strange and foreign lands to include Iran, Saudi Arabia, and California to name a few and I have received many emails and phone calls asking me what I think may have happened to the aircraft.

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I have no idea.

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For the past week I have heard perhaps a hundred “experts” offer up ideas as to possible scenarios – politicians, retired military folks, the folks who clean the planes on the ground.

They have no idea either, it just takes them longer to say so.

For the sake of all the families concerned I will hope that the plane landed safely somewhere.

So let me explore my “Scenario Sixty-Seven.”

Until there is physical evidence to the contrary, let’s assume that the aircraft was hijacked. By Whom? Given that the majority of the people on this plane were Chinese citizens, I would hope that those responsible are representatives of any one of the ever increasing number of Islamic fundamentalist groups. Why? Because China does not “play nice.” China plays to win. I know. I am not being sensitive to the needs and beliefs of others.

I was trained by the U.S. Military back when the reality of war was not smothered in political correctness; when soldiers were trained to do their primary jobs efficiently – and that job was to kill the enemy. Any group of people who publicly and repeatedly state that their goal is to destroy my nation (including the DSIC-Deranged Socialist in Charge) and kill my fellow citizens is my enemy. China is still of that mindset and is reasonably efficient and totally unapologetic about it, as it should be. God Bless the People’s Republic of China.

So what would be the purpose of effectively “stealing” a large body aircraft? Does anyone remember the Twin Towers in New York?  The Spawn of Satan attempted to bring down the towers once by detonating a large car bomb in the underground parking garage which was theoretically a sound plan. You take down a large tree by cutting it off at the ground level and watch it topple. When that did not work, they filled it up with fuel and blew them up.

Since 9/11, U.S. Aviation has become much more sensitive to all that hardware flying around overhead. Any aircraft of size that deviates from stated flight path is likely to meet a few of our Air Force fighters – providing the DSIC has not padlocked their fuel supply.

But how do the air traffic controllers know which plane is which in our crowded skies? That is what a transponder is all about. Each aircraft “announces” itself every few seconds in the form of a broadcast – just like the GPS in your car and your cell phone. Each device has a unique number and that number is tied to a specific aircraft.

Anyone with a little training can build the key components of a transponder. Technically speaking it is no more difficult than building the crystal radios of my childhood. Add a keyboard to make the transponder programmable on the fly as it were. Now we have part one of two.

Most of us are aware that there are devices available on the internet that are capable of “blacking out” all cell phones within a given range. The government moved quickly to outlaw such devices in the hands of civilians, but they are used routinely by our government and police forces. A small one might keep noisy cell phones from interrupting church services where a larger model might shut down all the cell phones in the range of a mile or more to control things in certain police related situations. That is part two of two.

In the 9/11 incident, air traffic control was aware when one of the planes deviated and I think I recall something to the effect that one or more of the planes were able to send a signal to alert authorities that a hijacking was in progress.

Now suppose a particular commercial flight had a flight path that took it over or nearly over a strategic target like… say the Obama compound somewhere – with a final destination at a commercial airport in the general area. Suppose a large body aircraft, not only loaded with fuel like the 9/11 aircraft, but whose cargo holds passenger compartments that have been loaded with high explosives takes off without a transponder being active; basically invisible to standard air traffic control. Let’s suppose that the “phantom flight” joins up with and “shadows” that commercial flight anywhere along the declared course. And let’s suppose that at a critical point in time, someone on that commercial flight triggers a device to “black out” the transponder on that commercial flight at precisely the same moment. The commercial flight becomes “invisible” and the “phantom” aircraft becomes the commercial aircraft for all practical purposes. And just as the “new commercial” enters the final approach to that airfield – military or civilian – the aircraft turns to its target under full power. At half the speed of sound, there simply would be no time for anyone to react IF the flight path deviation were even detected.

The resulting explosion would potentially be greater than that of a small nuclear device.

Is any of this possible? ALL of it is technically possible.

Any systems analyst worth their salt could put all of this together and there is no known defense against something like this taking place.

Perhaps Congress could pass a law to make such things illegal? Right after the pass that law to make the DSIC obey the Constitution and stop selective enforcement and non-enforcement of existing laws?

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