Unless the federal government has paid the state of Nevada for the land in question, then let them prove it in court. If they have, in fact, paid for the land, it's theirs. If not, then they are illegally occupying land that belongs to the citizens of that state, and they need to leave and never come back.  Yes, that sounds almost too simple, doesn't it? When did the Bureau of Land Management get the constitutional authority to occupy a sovereign state, assault its citizens with tasers, threaten them with automatic weapons and place snipers in strategic locations and target those afore mentioned citizens?

Last time I looked at the constitution I didn't see in any part of it that gives them the authority to do that.

I thought the "government" had a sworn duty to protect its citizens from harm, not unduly cause it. However, none of that seems to matter to the Obama administration, and just so some of you on the left who might think I'm letting Republicans off the hook for all this, don't worry. I have one hell of a bone to pick with them as well!

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We are witnessing that "transformation of America" that Obama promised when he came in to office. This is without question, for every freedom loving citizen of this country, the time to put a stop to this illegal action by our government. The people on the left called some of us "tin-foil hat wearing morons," because we saw events like this coming. Well, nobody's laughing now, are they? Unless, of course, you're a host of one of the many shows on MSNBC.

I tuned into MSNBC last night to catch a few moments of the Chris Mathews show, and he was not only mocking the Bundys, but took a pot-shot at former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee when he gave a speech regarding the events in Nevada. Mathews, like a good little propaganda spewing stooge for the government, simply portrayed what is happening in Nevada as "stage craft" for the right wing. You'll notice in his segment, how he put up a picture of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, simply to mock freedom loving Americans.

You can view the clip here.

 "Stage-craft"?  I thought it was about the government sending in armed troops in full tactical gear with automatic weapons to illegally confiscate property of an American citizen, and steal his cattle and fine him. I'm sure Matthews' alcoholism makes him see the world differently than the rest of us.

As far as this journalist is concerned, the government has fired the first shot, and it's about time that we free citizens of these United States of America put a stop to this!

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