Freedom Outpost has now obtained copies of various email correspondences between the some of the wives of the men in question in the Flyergate scandal that is setting fire to the dry kindling of GOP state politics in North Carolina. Both Mrs. Bob Rucho's email and Mrs. Thom Tillis' email were attempts to defend their husbands and intimidate those citizens who are simply seeking answers to questions. It seems that these men neither have the time nor the desire nor the courage to step forward and answer the questions posed on the flyer, or the myriad of questions that fall in natural succession to the flyer, but are counting on their wives to “quell the noise” as it were that the “little people” are making.

Mrs. Rucho gave outright threats via her email to Dora Argyle, who was simply attempting to gather an answer concerning Senator Bob Rucho. Her email reads,

Dora…you need to call me because you are distributing wrong info on my husband. I’m copying this to my sister-in-law who is an attorney with Ward and Smith…I do expect A phone call to clear up your misinformation within 24 hours.

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She then followed up Dora's response to "do whatever you deem necessary" with,

Now that you acknowledged receipt of our request, I assure you any more distribution literature with false statements and accusations concerning Senator Bob Rucho will be addressed legally.

One has to ask how simply asking questions concerning a candidate constitutes defamation of character. Either these people don't know the law or they are simply bullies. From how the emails read, we'll guess they are bullies.

While Mrs. Tillis' email did not contain a threat of legal action, but did state the following:

I was sitting 3 feet from this and what is described here is simply untrue. I am not sure how you got my email address nor do I know why you would forward an email of which you know nothing about. Where you there? I was and witnessed the entire thing. It is unfortunate that you are finding the time to spread rumors versus helping Republicans win in November.

Obviously the point Mrs. Tillis missed was the desire of constituents to not be bullied by representatives, their wives or GOP establishment when it comes to determining who is a Republican and who is a RINO.

Questions about intentional gerrymandering to remove other republicans with opposition stances, as well as tapping decoy candidates with the full knowledge of said candidates having no intention of winning the race they had been asked to enter. Just how sticky and intricate is this tangled web? Could it be possible that the entire 2012 primary season was a race to the moon to see who could gather the most pawns for a power struggle amongst the leadership of the Republican part of the General Assembly?

We have it on good authority that many different localized investigations are gathering and examining evidence on many fronts, and that this debacle is far from over.

Many county leaders have been approached about coming forward demanding a full scale state-wide open investigation into any and all illegal activity including, but not limited to, illegal funds appropriations and various ethics and rules violations according to state and national party rules. Freedom Outpost will keep you updated on all the information that comes in as we get it.

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