Feminism: The Caustic Explosion That is Destroying America

America is built on a foundation of principles that are everlasting: God and His righteous Laws, rights that are endowed to us by God, not by man, and a framework of government that is based on those two truths.

Through those foundations, a great nation was born. Every brick laid to raise this great land above the crumbling efforts of other government systems, was once mortared with a common understanding and agreement of the basic founding principles. This meant acknowledgement of the truth of Good vs Evil, and that the strength of a uniquely free society is found within the individual  hand-built walls of personal freedom and responsibility that are forged by strong families with unwavering commitment to God.

Since feminism was mottled together out of a deep disdain for God’s perfectly created order for men and women, it fueled the desire to rebel against the foundations of family. Therefore, the erosive movement was able to gain intense momentum as it was paired perfectly with a societal shift. Our nation became less concerned with foundations, more influenced by European Marxism, and sought out the Babylonian cry for feminism among women, and later brought along men, who all reject God.  Suddenly, the use of the once sacred mortar of our foundations of God, Constitution and iron-clad families of strength, were abandoned to pursue anti-godly endeavors and selfishly built altars of sin.

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It was inevitable by this point, that this movement would begin the most corrosive of all forces to weaken the fortress of family, and bring down the entire societal house of cards; from the inside out.

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God defines the strength of women far differently from how the feminist and feminist-influenced society defines it.

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

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Proverbs 31:10-31 is one of several places in the Bible where God describes what He has designed women to aspire to.  Rather, today, our culture follows Margaret Sanger, Gloria Steinem, Ashley Judd and whoever is on tap for a little shock presentation of rebellion against womanhood.

In history, it was a great honor to be a woman who was defined by her feminine nature!  Now, these characteristics: Femininity, modesty, motherhood, compassion, loving spirit, gentleness, quiet industriousness, forgiveness, and joy-filled pursuit of God’s will and His Kingdom are nothing more than “something women used to be” in the minds of most women in our nation.   Women today are no longer measured (even in much of the Christian community) by these definitions, but rather by their material success, achievement and pursuit of feminist ideals. These “archaic” and God-defined characteristics today falsely reflect weakness and “oppression” in the minds of our depraved and indoctrinated culture.

Gloria Steinem, one of the first hippie feminists to lead the mainstream destruction of family, the sanctity of life and marriage, and a free society, put the goal quite simply when she said:

“We don’t just want to destroy capitalism, we want to tear down the whole f** patriarchy!”

The women’s movement has been led by the group, The National Organization of Women (NOW), and has essentially become the ideological side-car of the Democratic party. The feminist movement does not simply seek “equal rights,” but rather has become the Marxist fuel behind the radical environmentalist movement, the abortion mill industry, homosexual “rights” and homosexual “marriage,” and social justice agendas set forth on the foundations of redistributive wealth and entitlement socialism.

Radical feminism has truly been the best vehicle for dismantling the family unit, and indoctrinating generations of youth for their abominable causes that are united together with one commonality: “Anything that destroys the foundations of this free nation falls under our umbrella and becomes our brain-child.”

“We want to destroy the three pillars of class and a caste society – the family, private property, and the state.”
Peter Collier and David Horowith, Deconstructing the Left: From Vietnam to the Persian Gulf

The feminist movement likes to point to some mirage of history when they point out “all the housewives who were beaten, enslaved and without education” before feminism. Yet, they fail to remember that they are the very movement that has enslaved women. Prior to no-fault divorce, women and families that were abandoned were an extremely rare, nearly unknown happening. Marriage was for life, and fathers were the heads of the families. The ties that bound people together prevented an entire underclass of women that we have today.

“The number of displaced homemakers rose twenty-eight percent between 1975 and 1983 to more than three million women. Another twenty percent increase from 1983 to 1988 brought that number to more than four million. An astonishing sixty-one percent of those women suddenly left alone had children under the age of ten at home. Often without job skills and stranded without alimony or child support, as many as seventy percent of these women make less than ten thousand dollars a year, and fifty percent are employed at minimum wage or less. It is, thus, readily apparent why a full seventy-five percent of all Americans living below the poverty line in the United States are women and their children. ” 
Sylvia Ann Hewlett, A Lesser Life: The Myth of Women’s Liberation in America (New York: William Morrow, 1986)

Today we have an entire generation of young adults who know nothing of how to raise children, care for a home, cook healthy and economical foods, stay within a budget, promote healthy lifestyles, etc. We are drug and doctor dependent.  Once tried and true home remedies, healthy living, stability for children, bedtimes, routines and family unity were a given.  Now they are rare.  Shuttled back and forth between broken families, staying so busy with activities that we never have time to stop and contemplate the destruction that the large purchase of feminism has left us with.

Lacking strong fathers who will lead by example, discipline and require responsibility from their children, mothers are left to carry out their feminist leanings by playing both man and woman. Since that part cannot successfully be done by one gender, the prescription bottle often manipulates the child’s psyche enough to eliminate some of the strain of discipline.  The instances of young children on psychotropic drugs is skyrocketing, and does not bode well for the mental health of our upcoming generations.

With homes in chaos, mess and disarray, and kitchens largely left abandoned in pursuit of feminism, a generation has been raised on fast food not as a rare treat for a family, but as the staple diet. Few young ladies know how to cook. We’ve lost the tradition of the family dinner table that provides far more than nourishment for the body!  It’s where in our nation’s precious history, great young minds learned the Bible, learned the Constitution, hashed out their disagreements, their desires and hopes, and learned to be respectful and mindful of those with more life experience than them.

Women have enjoyed the new liberation they have sought. Now, the some who are awakening from the great lie of feminism are complaining about “where have all the good men gone?” They are realizing their blasphemy of foundations and family have left them wanting. Young men must forge through vast seas of princess girls: raised on daddy debt, promiscuity and indulgence of self. Young “ladies” who dress like tramps, serve only self, and will cut and run the first time real life calls on them to be the women God calls them to be. Hating the idea of motherhood, pregnancy, and self-sacrifice, they are raised to be little she-males from the time they are young. Never to be tied to the home, they reject lifestyles that must be “below them,” such as the very backbone of the Christian family: making a home for a husband, raising Godly children, and serving one’s community by being a woman of virtue.

Nearly every piece of marital advice found today, even much within the Christian community, points to feminist influence. Blending and “sharing” gender roles is applicable for all in an effort to avoid “oppressing women” with straight talk about the blessing of actually being in love with fulfilling womanhood. Men are demasculinized, women are masculinized and de-feminized and God’s Word on families is marginalized.

As this country slips more rapidly towards global Marxism than ever seen in history, we must realize that it is the feminist movement which has funded and propelled the destruction of our great nation more than any other philosophy. The hatred of God, men, (specifically white men) and traditional families has caustic reactions on our foundations. The erosion has turned to a great crumbling, and without a foundation of God, Constitution, and strong families, we are built of nothing more than reeds upon sinking sand.

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