Feinstein and Rogers Present: NSA – “The Sound of Tyranny”

This is what you see in American government today: scandal after scandal sitting and festering like a boil that needs lancing while more ridiculous statements, rules and regulations along with increased violations of God-given rights against the American people and elevation of miniscule secular groups to protected status in violation of equality under the law gain increased momentum. Our federal government is a very busy organization. But, if anything were ever addressed and resolved, it would mean exposure of the corrupt individuals who currently hold positions of power – elected and unelected. So, America remains plunged into a never ending Wimbledon with multiple games occurring simultaneously; Americans are watching a ball being volleyed back and forth between players across multiple fields trying desperately to track all the games. It’s exhausting for the American public but business as usual for the tournament directors and game officials.

No issue or scandal can be resolved because each serves its purpose in the political game of misdirection.

Herein lies the rationale behind the latest vomit exuding from “gun-grabbing” Diane Feinstein and “village idiot” Mike Rogers. In the latest statements from these two, based on no concrete information whatsoever, “Edward Snowden may have been working with Russia before leaking top-secret documents on US surveillance to the media.” Rogers, chairman of the House intelligence committee which in itself a contradiction of terms, claimed Snowden a “thief who we believe had some help” while Feinstein, chairman of the Senate intelligence committee which is a gross misnomer, parroted the same sentiment stating “he may well have” but “we don’t know at this stage.” This “revelation” came on the heels of Obama’s address to the American people regarding his recommendations for the NSA and intelligence community spying on every American whether suspected in wrong-doing or not. Because of a “belief,” these two paraded to the news media to issue statements claiming “espionage” on the part of Edward Snowden in order to keep their mug in front of the press and the American voting public.

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Snowden has indicated his reasoning for his actions: concern over the federal government unconstitutionally spying on its citizens. Snowden released the documents obtained to Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian who has claimed the statements by Rogers and Feinstein as untrue. As of date, “Richard Ledgett, the senior NSA official investigating the leaks,” told Reuters “officials have found no evidence that [Mr. Snowden] had help either within the NSA or from adversary spy agencies.” However, Rogers “believes” that some of Snowden’s activities in retrieving the information were “beyond his technical capabilities.”

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Interesting that Rogers and Feinstein would come together to make a statement. One might guess it would be to fool the unintelligent public into associating them with composers Rodgers and Hammerstein. Who could forget their musicals, especially “The Sound of Music“? The low information voting public can be overheard now talking about them with the association of the lyrical “the hills are alive” playing in their head lulling them into hypnotic trances of apathy. Sorry, you two; but, your lyrics are inherently nauseating and based not in reality but in the deep recesses of those caves you call a brain. Even though the official investigating the incident found no evidence of corroboration between Snowden and any other foreign or domestic spy agency, Ledgett does not have a musical association to his name so his findings will be lost among the hot air of Rogers and Feinstein.

Rogers envisions this international espionage scenario reminiscent of a James Bond movie where Snowden acted in concert with other entities to undermine the American government. He doesn’t think “it was a gee whiz luck event” or coincidence that Snowden found asylum in Russia. Well what Rogers and Feinstein think or believe is irrelevant, it is the truth that is relevant. Unfortunately, America may never know the truth and the only one who does has stated his intention behind his actions. It becomes a choice of believing the people in our government or believing an American who risked everything to expose government wrong-doing.

Meanwhile, we are all sitting in the grandstands watching multiple tennis games in a tournament to determine who will win the overall control and “rule” of the United States. It’s hard to keep your eye on multiple targets in multiple venues at all times. All of this is nothing more than a government perpetrated operation to keep America confused, disoriented and distracted.

Someone once said that at times one must ask themselves the question, “What is your piece of mind worth?” This was in reference to many issues arising at once that required either pursuit of an identified goal or letting it pass thereby defining a different goal and turning from the original intent.

In asking this question of myself, I find that my piece of mind is priceless. It cannot be bought with any amount of money, political rhetoric, empty promises or fancy statements. That being said, one can say no American has piece of mind these days with everything occurring in government from the spying on all Americans to unconstitutional legislation to immoral and unethical behavior from our elected public servants. Trying to keep up with all the scandals and rhetoric then attempting to discern the truth brings about more head shaking when realizing the government has seized so much control it’s difficult to wade through the manure and know where to start to regain our constitutional republic.

These treasonous tyrants have stripped Americans of peace of mind on all fronts which to them will insure their success in seizing total control which has been their goal all along. Governor Andrew Cuomo has even joined the bandwagon indicating publicly that conservatives are not welcome in New York State. In New York, war has been openly declared on conservatism. Conservatives in New York face difficult choices – live under liberal tyranny, relocate or change it. It won’t be long before other “blue” states issue the same directive if New York succeeds in sustaining this position.

There is no simple or easy solution to these problems facing America and anyone who thinks so does not understand the problem. We are faced with corruption in every facet where change can be forthcoming such as the ballot box or protesting the government. Some Americans recognize these government clowns as puppets operated by a “shadow” government that is unaccountable to the American public; the ballot box only changes the puppet, not the intent of the “government.”

Our piece of mind is compromised and the truth hidden which can cloud the problem solving abilities not to mention everyone has different ideas on how to solve the problem. The machine has succeeded in dividing a nation which when standing together united in God cannot fall. It has happened to every government in history that has turned from God and embraced corruption and immorality – failure was horrendous and not always swift. Will America suffer the same fate of governments of the past?

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