The Feds & Corporate America Need to get out of My Child’s Classroom & Take DeVos with You!

Nowhere – nowhere, does it say anything in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence or Federalist papers that the Federal government has any authority over our children especially in their classrooms.

How dare you continually play these “ring around the rosy” backdoor games with our children’s futures! You do not have the right or permission even from the liberal parents whose heads are off in space somewhere.

You have messed with the education of our children since the inception of the Federal Department of “make my child stupid” was signed by Jimmy Carter. The whole “boondoggle” was created as a favor to the large and powerful special interest groups by a president who owed payback for a huge campaign contribution stating it was more than a necessary reorganization to allow the federal government to “meet its responsibilities in education more effectively, more efficiently, and more responsively,” as then-President Jimmy Carter put it.

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Americans can have the wool pulled over their eyes especially when they trust “politicians” and many including myself questioned this action taken in October 1979. Upon signing the Department of Education Organization Act Statement Carter said:

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“Primary responsibility for education should rest with those States, localities, and private institutions that have made our Nation’s educational system the best in the world (until the government got their hands on it), but the Federal Government has for too long failed to play its own supporting role in education as effectively as it could. Instead of assisting school officials at the local level, it has too often added to their burden. Instead of setting a strong administrative model, the Federal structure has contributed to bureaucratic buck passing. Instead of simulating needed debate of educational issues, the Federal Government has confused its role of junior partner in American education with that of a silent partner.”

Carter’s argument is not much different than the one George W. Bush used when he created the corrupt, bloated, expensive and ineffective Dept. of Homeland Security.

Carter owed the NEA since he and Walter Mondale were the first presidential candidates to ever receive an NEA endorsement. Carter promised the NEA to form an education department and the Democratic controlled congress went along with it.

So, what has the Department of Education given us:

  • A larger number of children not graduating
  • Children with less reasoning powers (can’t add or subtract)
  • Change Agent teachers
  • Education taught for psychological and emotional control
  • No PE or reasonable length of time for lunch
  • National Sexuality Education Standards Link
  • Politically controlled and donation motivated Common Core
  • Charter schools and Charter School Management companies creating fraud and corruption all over the country in the billions of $$
  • Boys and girls being told they can be whatever gender they chose and share bathrooms with the opposite sex
  • Legislation regulating LGBT emphasis in schools rather than education
  • Data mining systems to track your child’s every move
  • DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Project – who let the Department of Defense into our classrooms – controlling emotions
  • So called teachers in Charter schools who are not certified or teaching in their trained curriculum
  • Education correctness using “ear candy” – Obama’s Education 44 is supposed to be about protecting our children when in fact it is about dividing, controlling and manipulating our children
  • Teachers who are free to express their religious beliefs, but students cannot
  • Muslims allowed prayer time during school hours, but Christians are to be quiet about their religion

Given the very purpose in the planning of the ruination of America is to create a New World Order/One World Government, numerous Shadow Governments have always been a problem. They are made up of greedy, control freaks who believe what they want is most important and at the top of their list is usually control of everyone else and to be as rich as possible.

Since we have regressed back into the Reagan years regarding how the President intends to “close”, “shutdown” the Federal Dept. of Education, it should be no surprise to anyone paying attention that House Resolution H.R. 899 introduced on February 7, 2017 by Rep. Massie Thomas (R-KY4) is still sitting in the House Committee on Education and the Workforce and they haven’t TOUCHED IT! Not a belch, a fart, or a glimmer of hope on this one because they will let it sit there and DIE!

Clearly written using the least amount of words I have ever seen used it states:

To terminate the Department of Education.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.

And if this bill ever gets out of the House, with the jokes sitting on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, of which none of them know anything about any of those things, it will NEVER, EVER go anywhere with:

  • Lamar Alexander “Mr. Cradle to Grave” control of our children” at the helm
  • Bernie Sanders socialist who wants all education to be free but has no solution as to how it is to be paid for
  • Al Franken wants to hand out more tax credits for education
  • Elizabeth, “I thought I could convince you I was an Indian” Warren only cares if we allow the kids to refinance their school loans – not that they have them in the first place
  • Tim Kaine, VP running mate of Hillary – need I say more?
  • Orrin Hatch – give more, more, more federal dollars
  • Pat Roberts – votes along with Orrin Hatch
  • Out of control student loans and wages of college presidents and professors

You can kiss goodbye the idea of the Federal Department of Education ever being shut down! Not gonna happen! It’s not supposed to happen – that’s why Reagan’s animal’s managed to keep it going through his administration.

It is a CONTROL mechanism over YOU and your CHILDREN along with the MANIPULATION of their FUTURES.

The purpose of the Charter/Choice/Voucher scam is the REMOVAL of our Representative Government. You say that can’t happen! Really? Most Americans are willing to take a chance on a Convention of States. The politicians we have are not following the Constitution as it is written now – what makes you think they are going to follow anything else? It is all smoke and blacked out mirrors!

After seven years, did they cleanse the country of Obamacare?

Betsy “know nothing about education” DeVos did an interview at the Brookings Institute letting corporate words slip out of their mouth like “franchise” which is a marketing word.

They are “marketing our children” not as children to be educated, but addressed as “human capital” by the money men and women. Brookings Institute fellow Grover Whitehurst explained they were going to be talking about K-12 school choice especially since DeVos knows nothing about anything else. He stated “Education within each state was provided entirely by school districts governed by elected school boards. Each district had an exclusive franchise to provide educational services within its geographical boundaries, and within those boundaries, districts managed individual schools that themselves were organized as exclusive franchises within their own geographical student assignment zones.”

He is a liar in calling duly elected district school boards “franchises” and he knows it. We as Americans exercised our right to vote to put those individuals on those school boards – it was not a marketing tool that got them there. In the beginning, no “corporate” money was running our education system.

State and local School Boards should NOT be receiving salaries and here again, parents need to be sure they are not using their elected seat as a Power and Control mechanism to feed their egos. Rotational term limits will take care of that.

All the corporations involved in our children’s education are only going to stay around as long as they are making a profit – a profit off of your child. When the money well runs dry they will be gone – off to find some other fool to buy into their manipulation games!

Whitehurst’s attempt to redefine our education system by trying to fit it into the corporate confines is not going to work unless we as parents stop them. That type of language fits Charter schools, not traditional public schools. It isn’t traditional public schools that are being run by H-1B and EB5 visas, corporate boards, PR firms and cheap commercials.

If you currently have a governor and/or state legislature that is willing to sacrifice your children as “human capital” by taking away tax dollars from public schools to feed Vouchers – they must be voted out!

Referring to our public schools as franchises to be marketed is not only a lie, but an attempt to make them look dark and sinister. It isn’t the public schools creating fraud and corruption – it is the charter school management companies and government that continues to step into the education system when they have no knowledge about it at all. When it comes to education, Teach for America teachers know more than most elected officials and that isn’t saying very much.

If you want to get rich these days, start a charter school. It isn’t hard – most state legislators have made the laws surrounding Charter schools very lenient hence all the corruption. Some of the legislators even own their own Charter schools.

Charter schools close at a faster rate than any other entity. The 2014-2015 school year 272 charter school closed, mostly for fraud and corruption. The work at getting your child back into the public school system or another charter school takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

And don’t let them fool you that Charter schools are taking over our country – their record stinks. The report of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) for 2016 stated there were 50.4 million students in public schools and only 3 million in Charter schools yet legislators are taking the public school funding, our tax dollars, away from them.

Given the Federal Dept. of Education is now being run by someone who knows “of nothing she speaks”, our children are in real danger. It is very apparent DeVos can be bought herself by buying what she wants.

As the Q & A proceeded, DeVos was asked how you measure if a school is succeeding and she responds she isn’t “a numbers person”. “As long as parents are free to make their own choices, things will go swimmingly”. Then Whitehurst asks, “but what if academic outcomes get worse under your plan?’ DeVos responds “things are so terrible now they can’t get any worse.” “Parents aren’t going to make bad choices – the free market always works. If a parent chooses a school, it must be good”.

But it isn’t a free market – our children’s education is not a corporate entity to produce profit for you DeVos or any of your friends.

Expect to hear for some time how blighted our public schools are and have been with a story up her sleeve about another child who has been saved by a “voucher” or another new type of charter school.

Never forget in week one and two DeVos made some nutty statements -one of which was that Common Core is gone – the “ESEA got rid of Common Core”. The ESEA did not get rid of Common Core, it got rid of No Child Left Behind. I wonder if she knows the difference.

The push for Choice/Vouchers sounds great, but try to get education information out of a private or parochial school. Why would you want your tax dollars being placed where you have no control nor can you get any information?

Keep in mind parents, this plan of destruction has been in the works for a very long time and it is not going to go away without a fight from us.

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