Federal Reserve Says “No Tapering;” Gives Global Elite More Time to Finalize New Global Financial Structure

It appears to all be going down hill very fast…even with no tapering by the Fed

In September of 2012, the Federal Reserve began Quantitative Easing 3 (QE3), which means they buy $85 billion dollars worth of bonds every month. Why? Because the Global Elite is using the financial resources of the United States to bail out European banks. Isn’t that swell?

Ben Bernanke
The Fed decided to continue buying $85 billion worth of bonds each month…
This week, there were two days worth of meetings with Bernanke and others involved in the financial end of things. Because of this, stocks and commodities went up and down, but mainly down (commodities) because no one knew what was going to happen. If Bernanke had opted to begin “tapering” QE3 by buying fewer bonds, that would have meant potential hyperinflation or even a real depression. By deciding not to start tapering, things are holding.

What’s next? We wait to see what the Fed decides in October. If nothing changes then, we’ll wait and see what happens in November.

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The undeniable reality is this though: eventually, everything will come crashing down. The economies here and abroad are being artificially propped up by the Fed’s printing press, issuing more money and more money out of thin air.

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Suffice it to say that the Global Elite (or GE) have done everything they can to loot one country after another. It’s what they do and how members have amassed such fortunes. They have an obscene amount of money and with it, nearly absolute power and you know what they say about that. We’ve seen this in Egypt, Libya, Russia, and elsewhere and now the same GE is trying their darnedest to get into Syria. I believe they will eventually succeed.

Michael S. Coffman has written a book called “Plundered.” In it, he outlines what has been going on behind the scenes for generations. I happen to believe that Satan has used and continues to use people who make up the Global Elite in order to bring about a new world order. It has been happening before our eyes for generations and seems to be ramping up to bring about the final goal.

What we are seeing in the world is the attempt by the GE to throw a ton of paper money at a problem that cannot be solved in such a way. But ultimately, what can we expect in the financial realm? Coffman states, “There is another reason for the herculean efforts to paper over the global financial crisis. A new global financial architecture has been underway since the mid-1990s and it may not be ready yet for implementation.” [1] Coffman’s point is simple. The GE has been building a new financial system that may not be completely viable yet, so they are stalling for time. This new system was referred to as New International Financial Architecture (IFA) by the UN in a report from 1999.

Coffman also notes, “The IFA is designed to overcome the failings of a single, global financial/trade structure like the WTO [World Trade Organization] – by using regional institutions patterned after the European Union, but with much stronger central control. G.W. Bush’s Security and Prosperity Partnership of North American (SPP) in 2005 was an initial effort to do just that. Tagged the North American Union (NAU) by critics, strong opposition caused the effort to fail by the end of Bush’s term.” [2] Obama has been “continuing the dialogue with Canada and Mexico, albeit on a much lower key.” [3]

Another piece of information we gain from “Plundered” is found in the fact that many have a difficult time believing that something like the Global Elite exists at all. “Most Americans have a tough time believing there has been an agenda to shift the republican constitutional basis of government in the United States into a socialist government based on plundering inherent with the Rousseau model. Even harder to believe is that those behind this agenda may be deliberately sabotaging the economies of the Western world and funding radical nongovernmental (NGO) organizations to destabilize America to bring about her destruction.” [4]

The real problem of GE’s goals deal with a centralized banking system. “[T]he International Monetary Fund (IMF) would be restructured so that it would increasingly serve as ‘a world central bank.’ A world central bank ‘would require, in particular, the surrender of more economic autonomy and powers of intervention in national policies than countries are willing to accept at present’.” [5]

Ultimately, a one-world banking system is being developed, in which all “regions” of the world will participate. This means that national sovereignty will be a thing of the past. Even though regions will exist, one system will oversee all of it, as journalist Daniel Estulin states,  and he refers to this system as a “one world company.”

Satan has placed this world on a one-way course toward globalism and God is allowing it to happen. Satan will be given leave to rule the earth and do what he attempted to do in Genesis 11, through Nimrod. In the end though, God will be glorified in all things. As we learn in Zephaniah 3:5, God does not fail.

What do we do in the meantime? If you are a Christian, you simply continue working and sharing the gospel in word and deed, but you also take steps to provide for your family knowing that things will get very rough. Paul says that the man who doesn’t take care of his family is worse than an infidel (cf. 1 Timothy 5:8). If you know that something is going to happen, to not prepare for it is really to put the Lord to the test. Don’t go there. Prepare!


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