The Federal Government is not Working For Us, But Against Us

For the last six years, our governmental policies have turned against the people they are supposed to serve. Since Obama became president, “we the people” are getting hosed big time. Countless new regulations that were sold as a quick fix to all our woes, are instead a costly labyrinth of bureaucratic red tape. Instead of being less expensive, they are so overpriced that they really aren’t worth what we are being forced to pay; not forgetting that thousands and thousands of new government personnel that have been hired, but the money that some of these agencies is wasting is really criminal. Our government is actually growing at a faster rate than our beleaguered economy can sustain. And really, what benefits are American citizens really getting, besides a more costly infrastructure that continuously feeds on the American taxpayer?

We are told by liberals and Democrats that we need more laws, more regulations and, of course, more money through higher taxes, to run the whole thing. That’s the joke. It never gets more efficient and it never gets less expensive, but liberals and Democrats tell us that without these new costly regulations and services the entire infrastructure will come crashing down around us and we’ll all be thrown back into the dark ages. 

It seems to me that the government shouldn’t be in the business of being in business.

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Realistically, just what is the government supposed to do, other than deliver the mail, fill in the pot holes in the roads and provide for the common defense? I really don’t see where it is necessary for governmental agencies like the IRS, the BLM, the USDA and even the Postal Service to solicit for and acquire arms and ammunition. What are they getting ready for?

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Well, we saw what happens when you don’t pay your grazing fees. They send armored vehicles, drones, helicopters and heavily armed troops in complete riot gear to make you pay-up. Yes, that little dance at the Bundy Ranch was a perfect example of “over-kill” wouldn’t you say? That entire little drama was really nothing more than an over-priced, bad B-movie and it didn’t really accomplish anything, other than add millions to and already un-sustainable debt.

But why does the Postal Service need arms and ammunition? We’ve all seen over the years what over-worked postal workers do…they go “postal.” And now the Fed wants to provide these overworked, stressed-out people with automatic weapons and ammunition? What’s the reason behind that? 

Obama once said in a speech “You should reject voices that warn you of tyranny,” but that is exactly what is happening right now. The Government, under the control of Barack Hussein Obama, is a tyrannical entity bent on a never ending cavalcade of regulations, rules and legislation, all designed to keep us on a shorter leash year after year. I mean, how many laws can these clowns come-up with year after year, to justify their cushy overpaid jobs?

Our economy is in a very slow rate of recovery, and it’s all because of the “government” getting in the way and slowing up the recovery process. We don’t need more laws and regulations. We need less government intrusion in our lives and businesses. What makes these professional politicians think they know what’s best for us? Heck, most of those clowns have never held a job in the free market. 

The one thing that has been done by our government and the Obama administration is spend our money. More debt has been added in the short time under Obama than all other presidents combined. What’s really frightening is, there is absolutely zero accountability as to where all of the money went. Instead of targeting conservatives, the IRS should audit the federal government to see where all the money has gone. But, they’re too busy fending-off congress and have their own problems right now.

So, to sum it all up, what we have is a government that is treating the taxpayer like an un-wanted, red-headed step child and the only reason they tolerate us is to pump more money into it.

In other words, the government is no longer working for us – but against us.

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