Have you been wondering if the federal government is really "shutdown"?

Does the whole "shutdown" story seem a little suspicious to you?

Well, you are not alone.

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Although you don't hear much about it on television, many people on social media are calling the whole shutdown debate a "smoke and mirrors" game that is designed to provide the illusion of a difference between the parties.

Following this thinking, the two party system is, itself, an illusion, the purpose of which, simply put, is to fool the American people into thinking that they have a voice and a choice in the decisions and the direction of government when in fact, they have no such voice and can really exercise no such choice.

You might agree that there is much evidence to support this line of thinking.

Haven't both parties contributed to the seventeen trillion dollar deficit? And haven't both parties continued policies that promote moral and cultural decay? Haven't both parties contributed to the growth of the warfare state and the welfare state and the nanny state? Don't both parties print phony, fiat money and use it to buy off State and local governments with grant programs that sacrifice the sovereignty of the States and the liberties of the people?

And haven't both parties agreed to buy off the furloughed, non-essential government employees by letting them know ahead of time that they are simply on a paid vacation?

And, most importantly, has either party called for a return to the real limits that the real Constitution places on government spending in Article One, Section Eight?

Trying to keep it "totally real…"

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