Federal Court: Mount Soledad Cross to Be Removed from Veterans Memorial

The attack on Christianity in the United States, which is supposed to honor religious freedom according to our Constitution, has gone from the absurd to the unbelievable. Eric Holder’s Department of Justice sent agents to a town in Tennessee to tell residents that any speech maligning Islam, even if it it the truth from their own texts, can be reason for prosecution and imprisonment; and, any speech maligning Islam on any social media can also be considered a crime. Rep. Keith Ellison has introduced a bill related to the problem in India with the clashes between the religious sects of Hindus and Muslims. Muslims have been attacking other religious groups for some time in India, but the minute those religious groups defends themselves, this Muslim “representative” introduces a bill whereby the US “charges India with ‘minority oppression’ and calls for the creation of special courts to try ‘religious minorities.'” We have also seen the Ten Commandments removed from buildings, the removal of prayer in schools and at some public functions, the declaration of secular humanism (a belief system in something, but not God) as a religion, and removal of nativity scenes at military bases. This is absurdity at its best.

What really makes the attacks unbelievable is the recent federal court decision that ordered the removal of the Mount Soledad cross from the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial in San Diego – a cross that has stood in place since 1954, surrounded by 3,000 granite plagues honoring veterans from the American Revolution through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. For much of its life, the 29 foot Latin Cross stood in a city park in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego. “Then, in 1989, the ACLU filed a lawsuit, arguing that allowing a cross on government land violates the First Amendment Establishment Clause.” Since that time, this iconic cross has been mired in litigation.

According to Breitbart.com:

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In 2004, Congress passed a law making this city-owned display a “national memorial honoring the veterans of the United States Armed Forces,” dedicated as a tribute to those service members “who sacrificed their lives in defense of the United States.” Congress officially found that the “patriotic and inspirational symbolism of the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial provides solace to the families and comrades of the veterans it memorializes.” Although the Latin Cross is identifiably a Christian symbol, Congress noted that the memorial is “replete with secular symbols” and symbols of other faiths, such as 18 Stars of David. In the pluralistic context, the cross plays the role of commemorating veterans’ service and death.

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That law sparked the latest round of litigation in federal court. In 2011, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reaffirmed its prior decision on this display, holding that because of the cross, the memorial “primarily conveys a message of endorsement of religion.” Specifically, it “projects a government endorsement of Christianity.”

The United States Supreme Court denied review in 2012 but sent a written message noting that the lower courts were still considering whether the memorial could be modified in a way that preserves its character. In a statement by Justice Samuel Alito, the Court signaled that it would seriously consider taking the case if these additional efforts did not produce a positive outcome.

After almost two years of additional proceedings, on Dec. 12 the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California reluctantly held that under controlling precedent from the Ninth Circuit, the district judge still had no choice but to declare the cross an endorsement of Christianity. He has ordered it removed within 90 days.

Judge Larry Alan Burns read the order from the bench in court and appeared to choke up as he ordered the memorial’s destruction, observers told Breitbart News. Burns then issued a stay of his decision to give the memorial cross’s lawyers time to appeal back to the Ninth Circuit and, if necessary, the U.S. Supreme Court.

It should come as no surprise that the US Department of Justice defended the cross memorial until the election of Barack Obama as president and the appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General. The enthusiasm in defense of the Latin Cross memorial faded. Now who didn’t see that coming; with all the support this administration and government gives to Islam, the egregious totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion.

Ever since the erroneous Supreme Court decision that declared “establishment of religion” meant a religious activity or religious symbol and the 1963 decision that designated secular humanism a religion, Christianity has been under attack; however, it has grown exponentially since the election of a Muslim to the presidency and the appointment of Muslims, along with Muslim sympathizers, to key positions in government.

The First Amendment of the Constitution clearly states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, ….” It says nothing about states, counties or city municipalities. Add to this that “establishment of religion” means the forced monetary support of a religion designated/declared by the government to be the religion of the nation, an action perpetrated against the citizens of England resulting in establishment of these US colonies for relief from religious persecution, and one begins to wonder about the reading comprehension skills of those “so-called” judges. But, as has been so eloquently pointed out by Publius Huldah, the US Supreme Court usurped power to hear cases it was limited from hearing by misinterpreting clauses and erroneously placing them under categories they were allowed to hear under Article III of the US Constitution.

What’s next? Are Christians not going to be allowed to place a cross on a headstone marking a loved one’s grave? Are thousands of crosses used as headstones marking the graves of those veterans who gave their lives for this country going to have to be replaced? Are all Christian religious symbols or acts going to be prevented from being used because of offending someone else? Will Jewish symbols or acts become offensive to those opposing Judaism and be marked for removal? Will the government and courts come after any cross on a church, prevent the wearing of cross necklaces or anything related to Christianity or Judaism?

Where are the atheists and secular humanists protesting the religious display of religions other than Christianity and Judaism? They are nowhere to be found because those religions are not true religions and have no code of morality or principle. Islam plays to idolatry, which is the foundation of secular humanism. Since atheists have no belief in anything, they recognize that Islam is idolatry and not a true religion; therefore, no attack needs to be made against it.

I, for one, am sick and tired of being forced to cow-down to other religions that are sanctioned by our government mainly Islam and Secular Humanism (neither I believe are true religions). Courts have ruled in certain areas that Muslim children must be allowed to pray in schools – if that’s not establishment of religion by their own usurped definition, I don’t know what is. I am sick of atheists railing against any religion as being in violation of their non-belief. I am fed up with hearing about wash stations being built in public places for the accommodation of Islam prayer, when no accommodation is made for Christian or Jewish prayer. I am offended by the use of the Muslim hand symbol.

In the Social Security office where I live, there is a woman who practices Islam that comes dressed in full garb including the face covering – this offends me as she deals directly with the public. It is not appropriate attire for a government office that deals with individuals subscribing to different beliefs. This is offensive, but I am told that it must be tolerated. Why? My religion is under attack, is certainly not tolerated and is viewed with contempt and disdain.

When you profess to someone that you are a Christian, they shun you because they believe you are going to “convert” them or force your views on them. How misguided have people become? They are projecting onto Christians the actions they themselves commit. God endowed man with free will; his children are to come to him of their own volition. God does not force his love on any man, but makes it available for those who seek truth and wisdom. God loves all mankind, and endows every sinner with loving forgiveness when they come to him. No man is without sin, even those who believe in Him.

Our country was founded, in part, by a belief in religious freedom; the right of the individual to practice their professed religion was not to suffer interference by the central/federal/national government. When a US District Court allows the desecration of a religious symbol, such as the removal and dismantling of the Mt. Soledad cross, it sends a clear message of intolerance for Christianity, and establishment of an idolatrous religion by the government, based on their own misguided interpretation.

I believe whole-heartedly that when Jesus said to “turn the other cheek,” he didn’t mean for us to allow the other cheek to be slapped as well.

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