Fear is worship…so stop fearing anything or anyone but God.

Fear is the language of our day. It’s the defining theme of life, culture, and civilization in 2017 America and throughout the West.

Fear is how we got to where we are now as a people; it’s the means by which we’ve been led into political, legal, economic, and religious bondage.

Fear of freedom, liberty, guns, responsibility, beer, wine, and practically everything else is why we are mired in immaturity and easily led by the nose like frail, frightened little children.

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This fear-fueled lack of maturity is why we cannot handle law, alcohol, food, social media, civil government, art, and pretty much everything else.

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Fear is why we’ve ruined all of those things.

Fear is why those corrupted things are now ruling over us.

Fear is the tool by which our ever-growing American State rules over us, “protecting” us from true freedom, liberty, privacy, prosperity and peace, all “for our own good”, of course.

Fear is also the tool used by unbiblical legalists (of all types, including professing Christians) to construct all manners of “protective” walls, barriers, and obstacles around the things we are told that we cannot handle.

When we understand that fear in these contexts is a form of worship, we will have a much easier time noticing, understanding, confronting and correcting those who pitch the fear/worship model of unbiblical control over others.

This is why it’s so very important to understand that when we express a primal fear toward a thing or a person, we are worshiping that thing or person. We are giving it power over us. We are exalting it to a place that must be reserved exclusively for God. When we engage in such exaltation and worship of a created thing above the Creator of all things, we make that thing a god in practice. We make it an idol, and we enable that idol to rule over us through our fear.

By way of example, when we fear the loss of America more than we fear the loss of fidelity to Christ, we make an idol of America, and the enemies of Christ will use (and have used) that idol to lead us deeper and deeper into bondage. This is how we came to have public schools, Social Security, “legal” porn, “legal” “gay marriage”, “legal” child sacrifice, and State-Supervised Polytheism as the official religion of the United States.

The same goes to our fear/worship of material wealth, status, family, or anything else God may have given us to handle. When our fear of a created thing (or the loss of a created thing or the preservation of a created thing) is our starting point for charting an approach to law, politics, economics, art, education or anything else, then we have made that thing an object of worship (an idol) that can only lead us into darkness.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. It is the beginning of wisdom. It is the beginning of true liberty and true freedom.

The beginning.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of these things.

If we do not begin with Him, we are beginning with someone or something else, and that someone or something else is an idol.

If we begin in our understanding of law or freedom or liberty with the Founding Fathers or the US Constitution, then we have made the Founding Fathers and US Constitution into idols, and those idols will lead us to ruin, corrupting the concepts of law, freedom, and liberty along the way.

If we begin in our understanding by citing or looking to our feelings, we have made our feelings into an idol, and that idol will lead us to ruin.

In a similar vein, if we begin our approach to a thing in God’s creation by fearing that thing out of its biblical context, we are worshiping that thing. We are giving that thing a power over us that it should never have. (Think: Guns. Or beer. Or fast cars. Or cheesecake.)

Power over others is the goal of creation-centered fear/worship. Power is what it’s all about.

Unbiblical State power.

Unbiblical economic power.

Unbiblical religious power.

They all feed on and promote fear – the fear/worship of created things over the Creator of all things.

This is the path to bondage. This is the way of lost freedom, lost liberty, and a sterile, controlled, Orwellian nightmare vision of life and culture – a culture loaded with purposefully immature perpetual children who have been “taken care of” for so long by the fear peddlers above them that the thought of true freedom, true liberty, and true responsibility scares the hell out of them.

While many Statists and religionists pitch more rules, more barriers, more laws, and more restrictions as the fear-fueled means by which life should be pursued, God has given us something infinitely better than that. He’s given us His perfect Word containing His perfect Law, through which true peace, prosperity, security, liberty and freedom are not merely possible, but assured.

But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

~ 2 Corintians 3:16-17

Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

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