Failure to Defend the Truth Only Empowers the Lie

The University of Wisconsin has made it to the news again. Recently making headlines for its controversial stance in defending white privilege education, the university is now in the hot seat for denying an Army veteran the ability to recite the pledge of allegiance before a student body meeting, citing fear of offending international students. This goes right along with the concepts behind white privilege, as Universities across the nation are inundating students with anti-American, Marxist propaganda that teaches America is an oppressive, imperialistic nation. It is no surprise, given this knowledge, that the student government body acted in this manner and felt the need to research the rules and regulations governing this situation. This is happening at the same time a Texas apartment complex is telling a tenant he can’t fly the American flag because they are worried the Muslim tenants will view it as a threat. America, this has got to stop.

I had the opportunity to speak with an administrator at the University about this situation, and as many of you know, I have shared my own experience with white privilege on many occasions. I will refrain from saying his name because honestly, I could sense a bit of frustration coming from him, as if he knew what was going on in that university was wrong. After we had got past the part where I was calling all of the universities a bunch of communists, we had a decent conversation. In fact, I learned that the president of the university is a Vietnam Veteran who is “supposedly” very patriotic. In response to this situation, he released the following statement:

“As a fellow veteran, but speaking for myself only, I would like for all meetings of student government to begin with the Pledge of Allegiance. But this is not up to me. ASUW is an independent student organization with its own procedures and rules of conduct, and these elected student leaders make their own decisions. I respect that.

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The ASUW leaders have indicated that there is a process they intend to follow, and I expect that they will do so.”

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This seems like a reasonable statement by a man who believes in the system in which he governs. However, it is also very indicative of the many problems we face in this nation. Being a veteran, this man obviously respects the rights of others to have their opinions and exercise their rights. Being an American of an older generation, he also evidently believes that people will come to the right decisions and that ultimately, we as Americans all share the same ideals, so all will be well.  

Without attempting to offend this veteran, I have to say that this is the ignorance that is destroying our nation. He is taking a hands-off approach to governing this school because he believes in academic freedom no doubt while a huge portion of the schools population do not share these ideals, and are actively seeking to silence opposition by having white conservatives “check their privilege.” When a student body in an American school denies a veteran the right to “pledge allegiance” out of fear of offending foreign students, it’s time to check your policies. Reciting the pledge of allegiance in an American University should be a given; it should be the norm, not something you have to ask permission.

That’s what you get with white privilege education. This is an ideology that attempts to convince the unwashed masses that America, and the white, Christian male, are the sole causes of the world’s ills, and doing away with freedom and capitalism is the only way to alleviate “poverty.” Failure to stand up to the bullies who push this nonsense, with their cries of racism and inequality is turning this nation upside down.

People from all over the globe come to this country to escape collectivism and tyranny, not to embrace it. Until president Obama came along, people came to this country seeking to live up to their fullest potential in a country that encouraged them to do so. Under the suppressive thumb of political correctness and liberal indoctrination, America has become an oppressive “meritocracy,” where having talent and ability is unfair because ultimately, liberals do not believe that all men are created equal. That’s the only thing that explains their insane push to make us all the same.

Failure to speak this truth is contributing to this nation’s journey towards totalitarian government. Based on my five years of higher education I have to say that people are clueless about liberty, the Constitution and America’s history. While it is admirable that the president of this university is dedicated to fostering an environment of academic freedom, he also needs to realize that the sickness of collectivism and group think is contributing to the exact opposite, creating an environment where hardcore ideologues are attempting to silence opposition through humiliation, threats and the lies of white guilt. With all of this set aside, I can’t help but wonder how much of this is the result of our universities taking money from Saudi Arabia. Nah, that would make me a crazy conspiracy theorist, right?

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